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Funding Growth

John Bowe, Partner at Mazars Corporate Finance Ireland explores the various funding options available in the market.

The Coffey report: Ireland’s corporate tax code makes the grade but challenges remain

Joanne McEnteggart, Managing Director, Corporate and Institutional for First Names Group in Ireland explores the state of Ireland's tax regime. 

Winning Back Public Confidence in the Charity Sector

There was a seismic shift in the Irish public’s relationship with the charity sector in 2012. In April of that year, the proportion of the population which trusted charities was at a high of 74%. By November 2016, after a series of governance failures within the sector came to light, it had bottomed out at 43%.

Bitcoins and Blockchains for Directors

Tom Murphy, Founder/ Director of explores the concept of the digital curency, Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency's underlying technology, blockchain. 

Third in Davy's SME Series - 5 Considerations for Transferring Assets to your Children

Brian Walsh, Director of Financial Planning with Davy, writes about the key issues to consider when thinking about transferring assets to your children.