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Institue of Directors - design shape Institue of Directors - design shape

Registered Chartered Directors

Institute of Directors - design shape

Barry Andrews CDir (MA, BL) - Experience in: - Experience in Public Affairs, NGOs, Law, Member of European Parliament

Deirdre Ashe CDir (BA MBA) - Experience in: Customer Centricity, Digitial Transformation, Commercial, Financial Services, Governance

Deborah Bailey CDir (BSc) - Experience in: Education, Management, Environmental, Tourism, Charity

James Barrett CDir (B.Comm, ACMA) - Experience in: Construction, Financial Services, Governance and Insurance

Brian Barry CDir (FCMA, MBA) - Experience in: Finance for BPO, Customer Services and Telecoms

Michael Barry CDir (B. Comm, FCA) - Experience in: Renewable Energy, Waste Processing, Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals

Doireann Barry CDir (BE (Elec)) - Experience in: Energy/ Utilities

Tom Bean CDir (BA, BAI, MSc – Energy Mgt) - Experience in: Energy, Technology, Telecoms and Education

Bill Beers CDir (CEng, FIMechE, FEI, CMIOSH) - Experience in: Energy, Utilities, Packaging, Processing, Carbon Footprinting

Catherine Bent CDir (MA)

Michael Bermingham CDir (BA, BAI, FCCA, Chartered Banker, Certified Bank Director, FIBI, MIEI) - Experience in: Banking, Development Finance & Financial Services, FMCG and Logistics, Charity

Carol Bolger CDir (QFA) - Experience in: Governance, Financial Services

Mark Bonham CDir (CAMS, Cert ICM) - Experience in: E-Money, Payments, Reinsurance

Liam Booth CDir (BBS, FCA) - Experience in: Financial Services, Corporate Finance, M&A (Multi-Sector), Capital Markets

Ray Bowe CDir (MSc) - Experience in: Financial Services, IT, Management Consulting & Charity sectors

Ann B. Brady CDir (PhD) - Experience in: Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Biotechnology.

Mary Brennan CDir (Honours B.Comm, FCA, CIFD) - Experience in: Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, Software and Oil and Gas

Prof Niamh Brennan CDir (BSc, PhD, FCA,) - Experience in: Financial Services, Healthcare, Education, Not-for-profits

Tom Brennan CDir (MSc, MBA) - Experience in: Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

Ger Brickley CDir (MCom) - Experience in: FMCG, Food Industry, Strategy and Business development

Gillian Buckley CDir (BBS) - Experience in: Venture Capitalist, Impact Investor, NED across a number of companies in MedTech, ICT, Investment Funds and not-for-profit sectors

Maurice Buckley CDir (MBA, C Eng) - Experience in: Manufacturing, Business Development, and Public Administration

Terry Buckley CDir

Stanley Buckley CDir (FCPA,MBA) - Experience in: Finance, Manufacturing, Marketing, Governance, Leadership

Laura Burke CDir (BE(Chem), MSc,) - Experience in: Environment

Roma Burke CDir ( MA, FSAI) - Experience in: Financial Services, Pension Funds, Life Assurance, and Charity

Noelle Burke CDir (MA, FCIPD) - Experience in: Technology, Manufacturing, Financial Services and Charity Sectors

Mark Butler CDir (BSc, HDEd, DQE) - Experience in: Operations, R&D, M&A, Co. Boards

Brendan Byrne CDir (B. Comm., FCA)

Dr Ciaran Byrne CDir (Phd., A.C.M.A.) - Experience in: Financial Services, Public Sector Management, Environmental

Frank Byrne CDir (BA, FCA, MIHI) - Experience in: Healthcare, Hospitality, Real Estate, Private Equity, Venture, Tech, Family Office Management and Not for Profit

Mike Byrne CDir ((BSc, MSc (Mgt), F IoD (UK)) - Experience in: Governance & Business Strategy, Regulatory Compliance Telecoms & Postal sectors, Supply Chain standards, INED Broadcasting

Patrick Byrne CDir - Experience in: Establishing and Managing Enterprises in Financial Services, Business Consulting, Software Services and Airlines

Roisin Cahill CDir (BA, MSc, MBA) - Experience in: IT Managed Services, Software, Charity

Loretto Callaghan CDir (MSc, DipM) - Experience in: Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Cell and Gene Therapies, Healthcare Systems

Paul Candon CDir (MSc, FCIPD) - Experience in: Retail, FMCG, Supply Chain Management, Franchising, Healthcare

Sean Casey CDir (FSIA, FIA, Dip Corp Gov) - Experience in: Life Assurance, General Insurance and Reinsurance

Carol Ann Casey (MBS, FCIPD) - Experience in: Professional Services, Regulatory/State, NGO, SME, Retail, Management Consulting

Shane Clarke CDir (BBS,FCMA,GCMA,MBS) - Experience in: Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Oil Refining, Tourism

Daire Coffey CDir - Experience in: Marketing, Leadership Development/Coaching, Consumer Products, Education, Healthcare, Charity

Kilian Colleran CDir (BE, MBS, C. Eng) - Experience in: Technology, Financial Services, Telecommunications, and Manufacturing

John Collins CDir - Experience in: Change Management for Start-Ups/Scaling companies in Technology Software & Services

Marie Collins CDir (MBA) - Experience in: Financial Services, Property, Utilities, Not For Profit

Ronan Conboy CDir (MBA, MSc. Leadership and Management Practice) - Experience in: Insurance Industry, Financial Services, Outsourcing and Executive Management

Lorna Conn CDir (BComm, MAcc, FCA, ) - Experience in: Global Staffing, Renewables, Infrastructure

Cian Connaughton CDir (MA, MPRII) - Experience in: Public Relations, Government, Energy, Telecoms, EU, Not for Profit

Aidan Conway CDir (BBS; MBS; M Inst D) - Experience in: Healthcare; Financial Services; Credit and Business Information

Graham Conway CDir (BA, MSc, MA, MSc) - Experience in: Retail, manufacturing & distribution

Inez Cooper CDir - Experience in: Financial Services, Management Consultancy and Sports

Marian Corcoran CDir (BSc, Certified Bank Director Banking, ) - Experience in: Strategy, Technology and Business Transformation (cross-industry)

Bernadette Costello CDir (B.Comm,H.D.E,FCA) - Experience in: Governance, Risk Management, Finance, Education, Healthcare, Public Sector

Barbara Cotter CDir ( BCL, Dip Eur Law, Solicitor) - Experience in: Law (Banking & Financial, Corporate), Non-Executive and Advisor

Elaine Coughlan CDir (FCA)

Alan Cox CDir - Experience in: Business Transformation, Building High-Performance Cultures and How Marketing Drives Profit Growth

Bernie Coyne CDir (BA hons, HDip. ED, CIM DIP) - Experience in: Marketing Research

Sylvia Cronin CDir (MBA, CEDR) - Experience in: Financial Services

Andy Crowley CDir (BA, BAI, MSc, MBA, CEng) - Experience in: Manufacturing Operations, Pharmaceuticals, Change Management, Operational Excellence, Leaning Business Systems

Kieran J. Crowley CDir (BA, FCA) - Experience in: Consulting, Information Systems, Risk and Finance, and as a NED

Michael Culligan CDir (BSc, MBA) - Experience in: Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Fundraising

Aengus Cummins CDir (ACII, C Dip A.F. ) - Experience in: Insurance, Reinsurance, Financial Services, Governance, Risk, Outsourcing

Joe Cunniam CDir

Alan Cunningham CDir (MBA, BSc, CDipAF) - Experience in: Food Manufacturing Export and Logistics

Sharon Curran CDir (MSc Business Administration) - Experience in: International Lifescience, Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Medical Devices and Healthcare

Andrew Curtin CDir (MA) - Experience in: Experience in Financial Services and Economic Development

Dónall Curtin (FCPA, MCI Arb, FPQ (ROI), FCCA) - Experience in: Financial Strategy, Governance, Fund Management, Commercial Sector

Gabriel D’Arcy CDir (MSc., MBA, ) - Experience in: Infrastructure Investment , Renewable Energy, International Food Marketing

Seamus Daly CDir (MBA) - Experience in: Hospitality, Acquisitions and Disposals

Liam Daniel CDir (BComm, FCA) - Experience in: Experience in Finance, Governance, Pharmaceuticals, Pensions

Nicholas Davies CDir (ICAEW) - Experience in: Auditing and Accounting, Strategic Business Consulting, Risk Management, Financial Services, Health, Leadership Training and Development

Mark Dawson CDir (BComm) - Experience in: Wealth Manager, Stockbroker

Joseph Dempsey CDir (BA (Mod), FCA) - Experience in: Banking and Financial Services

Keith Dignam CDir (BComm, MBS, FCMA)

Aisling Dodgson CDir (MBS Finance, Certified Bank Director) - Experience in: Financial Services

Ann Doherty CDir (MBA) - Experience in: Healthcare, Local Government, Charity

Aidan Donnelly CDir (BSc, MIE, MBA) - Experience in: Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Energy, Technology

Sharon Donnery CDir (BA, MA) - Experience in: Financial Services, Public Sector, Governance and Risk Management, Charity

Helen Dooley CDir ((LL.B., Solicitor) - Experience in: Law

Michael Doorly CDir (BComm, FCA) - Experience in: Finance, Publishing

Paul Dowling CDir (CEng, MIEI, BSc Eng, MBA) - Experience in: Investing, Energy and Hotel

Thomas Dowling CDir - Experience in: CEO level Public Sector, Chair and INED Charity Sector, HR training and Relationship Management public and private sectors

Alan Downey CDir (FCCA, MBA) - Experience in: FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Nutrition and Not for Profit

Bart Doyle CDir (BAI, CEng MIEI, MBA) - Experience in: Renewables, General Management, Oil and Gas Exploration

Alan Duffy CDir (BA, BBS, MIB, MBA)

Ian Duffy CDir (BA BAI) - Experience in: Financial Services, Tech and FinTech, International Markets

PJ Dwyer CDir (B.Comm, Msc Marketing) - Experience in: B2B Sales & Marketing, Technology, Digital Transformation, Strategy & Education

Gerry Egan CDir (MSc) - Experience in: Corporate Governance (public, private, non-profit), Strategy and Change Management, GDPR support

Paula Egan CDir (MBA, BABS (Hons)) - Experience in: Outsource Solutions – Accountancy, Finance and Payroll, Charity

Paul Fahey CDir (BSc (Pharm), MSc) - Experience in: Pharma, Health Tech, Retail Pharmacy, Regulatory, Charity

Dermot Fahy CDir (BComm) - Experience in: FMCG, Consumer products, Electronics, Hardware and Healthcare

Pat Farrell CDir (Dip A&F(ACCA)) - Experience in: Strategic Communications, Financial Services and Healthcare

Sharon Feeney CDir (Ed.D, MSc, BSc) - Experience in: Higher Education, Not for profit, Charity

Mark Fegan CDir (FCCA) - Experience in: Manufacturing, FMCG, Public Sector and Distribution

Éilish Finan CDir (BA, BAI, FCA, Dip Corp Gov, Certified Bank Director) - Experience in: Financial Services, Banking, Insurance, Property & Charity

Ray Finnegan CDir (ACMA, CPIM, BA, MSc)

Celine Fitzgerald CDir

Stephen Fitzgerald CDir (MBA) - Experience in: Retail, Business Turnaround

Alan Flanagan CDir (FCA) - Experience in: Financial Services, Alternative Investment Funds (Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Real Estate, Private Credit)

Fiona Flannery CDir ((MSc, C.Dip A&F, BA) - Experience in: Financial Services & Charity

Marcella Flood CDir (Bsc, C.Dip A&F, MBA) - Experience in: Technology, Change Management, Financial Services, Charity

Annette Flynn CDir (BComm., FCCA) - Experience in: Experience in Pharmaceutical and Food

Aaron Forde CDir (BSc, Dip DySc) - Experience in: Strategy, Governance, Leadership in Food, Agriculture and Media

Jim Frawley CDir (BAAF, CSCP, FCCA) - Experience in: Management Consulting, FMCG, Life Sciences, Governance

Brendan Fuller CDir (BA, MSc) - Experience in: Financial Services, Airline Operations, IT Implementation, Change Management

David Gallagher CDir (B.Agr.Sc, MBS) - Experience in: International Pharmaceutical and Biotech Executive experience

Don Gallagher CDir (MSc) - Experience in: Life Insurance, Health Insurance, International Business

Anita Geoghegan CDir (PhD, MBA) - Experience in: Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Food, Family Business

James Geraghty CDir (BSc (Hons) Biochem, BSc (Hons) Pharm, M.P.S.I., M.R.Pharm.S, ChD DIR, MSc) - Experience in: Leadership, Executive Management

Geraldine Gibson-Dautun CDir (MA, MBA) - Experience in: Financial Services, Capital Markets, FinTech and Software

Eileen Gleeson CDir

Dermot Gorman CDir (FCII) - Experience in: Insurance , Financial Services, and State Boards

Helene Graham CDir (MScEE) - Experience in: Telecommunication, Education, Research, Retail

Joanne Grant CDir (F IoD) - Experience in: Media, Sales & Marketing, Drinks Industry, Charity

Frank Greene CDir, (LIB, QFA, & APA) - Experience in: Financial Services, Corporate Governance (Semi-State, Social Enterprise, Non-profit), Audit & Risk, Strategy

Adam Grennan CDir (MSc) - Experience in: ICT, Marine Industry

Carol Grennan CDir (MSc) - Experience in: Media, Telecommunications and Charity

David Guest CDir - Experience in: Banking,Treasury, Insurance

Stephen Gunning CDir (BComm, FCA) - Experience in: Financial Services, Insurance, Private Equity

Catherine Guy CDir (BL) - Experience in: Law, Commercial Development, Finance, Public Sector, Business Leadership, Charity

Francis Hackett CDir (BCL, Solicitor Law Society of Ireland, Barrister-at-Law South Australia, Accredited Mediator CEDR) - Experience in: Corporate and Commercial Law, General Counsel, Mediation

Michael Hand CDir (BE, MBA, PhD(hc), CEng, ) - Experience in: Construction, Infrastructure, Sport, Charity

Conor Hanley CDir (PhD, MBA)

Deirdre Hannigan CDir (MBS, FCCA) - Experience in: Financial Services

John Hannigan CDir (FCCA, MBA, FCIH) - Experience in: Housing, Construction, Public Private Partnerships, Finance

Niall Harrington CDir (BComm) - Experience in: Financial Services (Funds, Life, MiFID Investment Firms)

Andrew Stewart Hastings CDir (B.Admin, Chartered Banker, Certified Bank Director) - Experience in: Financial Services, Energy Utility

John Healy CDir (BSc, FCIS, Dip Corp Gov) - Experience in: Corporate Governance (public, private, non-profit), Energy sector, Information Technology & Health Care

Paul Henderson CDir (BA, MMI Grad) - Experience in: CEO of DMG media Ireland and creator of EVOKE.ie, Extra.ie

John Hennessy CDir (MSc) - Experience in: Engineering, Telecommunications, Education and Charity

John M. Hennessy CDir ( SC, BA (Mod), FCA, FCI Arb, Accredited Mediator)

Karen Hennessy CDir (BComm, FCA, MBA)

Ronan Holahan CDir (FCA, BComm) - Experience in: Financial Services, Credit Risk, Change Management, Charities

Nancy Holland CDir - Experience in: Retailing, Property and Charity

Alan Holmes CDir (BComm, FCA, QFA, APA)

David Holohan CDir (BComm, MBA, APA, M.Inst.D, CMgr FCMI, Chartered FCSI)

Brid Horan CDir (FIOD, ASAI, FIIPM) - Experience in: Executive and Non Executive roles

Michael Horgan CDir (BSc CompSci, MA, MIE) - Experience in: Education, Fintech (Regulated Payments Institutions), Public Bodies, Health, Charity

Ronan Horgan CDir (BComm, MSTA) - Experience in: Investment Management, Trading, Fintech and Financial Services

Hilary Hough CDir

Michael Howard CDir (BCL, PDA, FCA) - Experience in: Aviation, Financial Services, Retail, Food and Drink

Miriam Hughes CDir (BComm, MBS) - Experience in: INED; Strategic Business Consultant, Business Transformation and Long Term Strategy; Ex CEO of Integrated Communications Business

Peter Hughes CDir (FCCA) - Experience in: Insurance (life and non-life), Treasury and Life Settlements

Diarmuid Hyde CDir (BBS, DPA, FCA) - Experience in: Aviation Financial Services

Ian Ireland CDir (BSc, MBA) - Experience in: Food and Agri Business

Stephen Jacobs CDir (BBS, FCA) - Experience in: Financial Services, Investment Funds, Cybersecurity

Joan Jennings CDir (BComm, HDip Quality Assurance) - Experience in: Manufacturing, Financial and Charity Areas

David Jones CDir - Experience in: Retail, Retail Franchising

Conor Jones CDir (BE (Chem)) - Experience in: Waste Management, Waste to Energy, Infrastructure and Project Development

Elizabeth Joyce CDir (MBS, FCIPD) - Experience in: HR Director, Regulation, Financial Services, FMCG, Infrastructure, Public Service and Charity

Holly Kaczmarczyk CDir - Experience in: Financial Services, Coaching, Mentoring and Leadership Development

Helen A. Keelan CDir (BComm, MSc, FCA) - Experience in: Banking; Insurance; Professional Services: Investment: Technology

Derek Kehoe CDir (BA (Hons) Econ) - Experience in: Financial Services

James R. Kehoe CDir (Actuary FIA ) - Experience in: INED within Financial Services Sector. Life Assurance and Pension Funds

Ann Kelleher CDir (BCL, MSc) - Experience in: Financial Services, Insurance

Paula Kelleher CDir (BCL) - Experience in: Financial Services (incl Blockchain), Legal services

Professor Cathal Kelly CDir (FRCSI, MCh, EMBA)

Eugene Kelly CDir (BA, BAI, MSc, CEng, MIEI, MInst, FConsEI) - Experience in: Built Environment (Infrastructure, Building Planning and Construction)

Geraldine Kelly CDir (Certified Bank Director ) - Experience in: Technology, Clean Tech, Energy, Financial Services

Helen Kelly CDir (BSc, ACIB) - Experience in: Banking and Financial Services, Charity

John M Kelly CDir (BComm, FCA, AITI) - Experience in: Pharmaceuticals, Global Supply Chains, Business Transformation

Ray Kelly CDir (BComm, MBA) - Experience in: Retail Marketing

Kieran Kelly CDir (MSc, FCA) - Experience in: Financial Services, Infrastructure, Transportation and Charity

Brendan Kenny CDir (BComm, MBS, FCIPD)

Paul Kenny CDir (BComm, AMCT, FCA) - Experience in: Finance, Utilities, FMCG and Energy

Aaron Keogh CDir (BSc, MSc, APA) - Experience in: Customer Experience and Marketing, Customer Propositions, Healthcare, Financial Services and Business Transformation

Professor Daire Keogh CDir

Turlough Kinane CDir (FCMA,CGMA, MSc.) - Experience in: Building Services, Facilities, FMCG, Engineering

David Kirrane CDir (FCCA,Chartered Certified Accountant) - Experience in: Civil Engineering, Construction and Media Sectors

Michael Lacey CDir (MSc, CFP, FIIPM, SIA, PTP) - Experience in: Financial Services and Credit Union

Mary Lally CDir (PhD, MPA, BA) - Experience in: Governance, Maritime, Public and Charity Sectors.

Des Lamont CDir (FPMII,) - Experience in: Investment Advisory, Charity Governance

Donal Lawlor CDir - Experience in: Finance, IT, Change Management & Leadership

Debbie Lee CDir (BA, MBS) - Experience in: Manufacturing, Packaging

Brian Lehane CDir (BA, FCA)

Micheál Lehane (PhD, MBA) - Experience in: Public Sector, Governance, Risk Management, Environment

Michael Loftus CDir (BSc (Eng), MBA) - Experience in: Lifesciences, Manufacturing and Strategy

Derek Lowry CDir (QFA, Dip Corp Fin) - Experience in: Financial Services, FMCG, Construction and Retail

Margot Lyons CDir (BBS Finance) - Experience in: Financial Services, Treasury, Risk Management & Risk Culture and NGOs

Keith MacDonald CDir (BComm, FCA) - Experience in: Finance, Life Sciences & Software

Stephen Mackarel CDir (BComm) - Experience in: Telecoms, Retail, Mobility, Technology, Financial services, Business Process Outsourcing, Energy, Oil

Laura Magahy CDir

John Malone CDir (FCMA, MSc (Mgmt.) ,MMII (Grad.)) - Experience in: Experience in Tech and FMCG. Independent Non-Executive Director

Rosarii Mannion CDir (MA, MSc) - Experience in: Strategy, Human Resources, Governance, Organisational Development, Diversity and Inclusion, Healthcare and Charity

Alan Markey CDir (MBA) - Experience in: Pharmaceuticals and Med Tech.

Mary L. Martin CDir (PhD) - Experience in: Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Cell and Gene Therapy

Jane Massy CDir (BA Hons) - Experience in: Education, Training, Health and Social Care, Hospitality, International Development, EU RTD Project Management and Evaluation

Fergal McAleavey CDir (PhD) - Experience in: Technology, Investment, Venture Capital, Private Equity, Scaling companies

John Fergus McArdle CDir (FCCA) - Experience in: Sales and Marketing

Brendan McCarthy CDir (FCCA, DipAdv Mg tBEC) - Experience in: Financial Services, Insurance and Investment

Paschal McCarthy CDir (BSc, MBA) - Experience in: Pharmaceutical & Manufacturing

Ken McCauley CDir (BA, ACMA, MBA)

Teresa McColgan CDir (FCCA, CTA)

Martin McCormack CDir (BSS, MA, FICS) - Experience in: Governance, Leadership, Healthcare, Education, Technology, Finance and Charity

Brian McCormick CDir (BE, MBA) - Experience in: Distribution; Financial Services, Construction

David McGarry CDir (BComm, MBA, FCA) - Experience in: Energy, Infrastructure, Transportation, Manufacturing, Services, Investment Banking

Ann McGarry CDir (MSc, PhD) - Experience in: Utilities Regulation, Environment, Radiological Protection, Public Sector, Governance

Ciaran McGettrick CDir (FCCA) - Experience in: Insurance sector

Aebhric Mc Gibney CDir (MLitt (Econ), MBA) - Experience in: Business Representation, Economic Consulting, NGOs, Transport

Kevin McGrath CDir (ACMA, MBA) - Experience in: Information Technology

Pat McGrath CDir (BE, MEngSc, MBA, FIEI, CEng)

Colm McGrattan CDir (MBS, FCIPD)

Cliodhna McGuirk CDir (Msc) - Experience in: Software Services, Criminal Justice, Public Sector

Padraig McLoughlin CDir - Experience in: Retail Distribution, Logistics, Lighting, NGB

Michael McLoughlin CDir (MA, MBA: QFA) - Experience in: Market Research; Fintech and Not for Profit Sectors

John McMahon CDir (BE, C.DipAF) - Experience in: Aviation, Financial Services, Start-ups

Peter McManamon CDir (BBS, FCPA)

Sylvia McNeece CDir (LLB, LLM, Solicitor, MBA) - Experience in: Pensions Sector, Regulation

Tony Mc Poland CDir (BBS, DPA, FCA) - Experience in: Financial Services, Real Estate & Property, Investment Funds, Charities and Advisory Work

Dr. Terry McWade CDir (MB, BCh, MSc, MBA, Dip Corp Gov) - Experience in: Healthcare, Lifescience, Education, Finance, Charity

John A. Melvin CDir (BE, MEngSc, MBA) - Experience in: Independent Consultant, Healthcare, Engineering, Energy (Efficiency)

Jim Miley CDir (BAgr Sc) - Experience in: Higher Education; International Development; Media

Liam Miley CDir (FCCA) - Experience in: Financial Services

Alan Mitchell CDir (FCPA) - Experience in: Food Sector

Conor Molloy CDir (CIFD, BComm, FCCA, FCPA, SIRM, LIB, CAMS) - Experience in: Asset Management, Banking, Insurance, Aircraft Finance and IT Governance, Strategy, Risk Management, Financial Reporting and Regulatory Compliance

Maura Moore CDir (BSc, MBA) - Experience in: Financial Services, VC/PE, Professional Services, Telecoms/ICT, Healthcare/Medtech, Universities and Social/Affordable Housing

Christine Moran CDir (FCA, Certified Bank Director and Certified Investment Fund Director) - Experience in: Financial Services

Tom Moran CDir (MA, HDE) - Experience in: Government, Governance, Food and Agriculture, Senior Recruitment and Management

Paul Morgan CDir (FCCA, MSc) - Experience in: Property, Hospitality, Manufacturing and Ecommerce

John Moriarty CDir (BA, FCA, MCT)

Alan Morris CDir (FCA, MA) - Experience in: Property, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Hospitality and Leisure, Professional Services, Outsourced Services, Charity

Frank Mulrennan CDir (MSc) - Experience in: Management, Media, Digital Marketing

Paul Mulvaney CDir (Dip Eng, BSc (Eng), C Dip AF, MIEI, F IoD UK) - Experience in: Engineering, Energy, E-mobility, Innovation, VC, Telecoms, Negotiations, Project Management, Safety

Martin Murphy CDir (BA, BSc, Sc) - Experience in: Stadium Business, Sports Business, Military

Rhona Murphy CDir (MA) - Experience in: Media Management, Digital Transformation, For-Profit and Non-Profit Journalism

Redmond Murphy CDir (BSc, MSc, FIA, CFA) - Experience in: Financial Services, Insurance, Banking

Vincent Murphy CDir (BComm, MAcc, FCA) - Experience in: Accounting and Finance, Corporate Governance, INED NGO

Michael Murphy CDir (BA (Mod), FCA) - Experience in: Venture Capital Investment, SME Fund Raising and as a Non-Executive Director

Ed Murray CDir (BA, QFA) - Experience in: Capital Markets/Financial Services, Logistics and Property Development

Niall Murray CDir (BComm, MBS, Dip Exec C)) - Experience in: Financial Services, Executive Leadership

Dennis Murray CDir (MA Econ, FRM, CIFD) - Experience in: Financial Risk Management and Governance

Kevin Neary CDir (M Phil) - Experience in: Retail, SaaS, Property Development, Property Letting, Animal Nutrition, Technology, Shop Fitting, Sports and Fitness Industry

Peter O’Carroll CDir (BE, MBA)

Raymond O’Connell CDir - Experience in: Tourism, Retail, Senior Management Mentoring, Company Strategic Change

Ray O’Driscoll CDir (CPA, MBA) - Experience in: Oil and Gas, ICT, FMCG, Commercial Property and Aviation

Paul O’Leary CDir (FCPA, PrDipBusExecC ) - Experience in: Financial Services, Management Consulting and Executive Coaching

Jim O’Mahoney CDir (FCII)

Joe O’Mahony CDir (BSc (Eng), MEngSc, FIEI, CEng)

Pat O’Mahony CDir (MVB, MVM, MBA, MRCVS) - Experience in: Lifesciences, Clinical Research, Regulation

Julie O’Neill CDir (BSc (Pharm), MBA) - Experience in: Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, State Boards

Finbarr O’Neill CDir (BAgrSc Econ)

John O’Reilly CDir (B.Comm. FCA) - Experience in: (Re)insurance, Insurance Linked Securities, Financial Services, Charities

Willie O’Reilly CDir (BA, F Inst D) - Experience in: Management, Media, Charity, Health Sector

Aileen O’Toole CDir (F MII )

Kevin O’Brien CDir (BComm, FCA) - Experience in: Financial Services – Insurance, Asset Management and Funds

Tony O’Brien CDir (MSc, M. Inst.D)

John O’Callaghan CDir (FCA (IRL), CA (AUS)) - Experience in: International Business, Retail, Media, Professional Services and Not for Profit

John P. O’Connor CDir (BComm, MSc, FCMA)

Kevin O’Doherty CDir (MBS, FCA) - Experience in: Financial Services, Fund Management, Investment Services, Regulatory Compliance

Aidan O’Donnell CDir (BA, MA, MBA, FSAI) - Experience in: Financial Services - Life and Pensions, General Insurance, Health Insurance, Banking

Breege O’Donoghue CDir (B Comm, CIPD, DPhil (honoris causa), Chevalier de la Legion d’Honneur)

Mary O’Donovan CDir (BE (Elec), Dip Applied Computing, MBA) - Experience in: Telecommunications, BPO Outsourcing, Public Sector, Voluntary/Charity

Michael O’Donovan CDir (BA, MBA, C.dipAF) - Experience in: Technology, SAAS, FinTech Sectors, INED Charity and Not For Profit Sectors

John O’Dwyer CDir

Paul O’Faherty CDir (FSAI)

Anne O’Leary CDir - Experience in: B2C, B2B, Marketing, Technology, Digital, Telecommunications, Charity

Michael O’Reilly CDir (FCCA) - Experience in: Financial Professional,Media and Advertising, Non-Executive Director, Charity Sector

Brian O’Sullivan CDir - Experience in: Consumer Goods, Scaling Internationally and Turnarounds

Ger Penny CDir - Experience in: General Finance, Strategy Development and M&A in Various Industries in Ireland and Internationally

Cliona Pierse CDir (Practising Solicitor, BComm (International), Solicitor, Dip Corp Law & Gov, Dip Comm Prop) - Experience in: Marine, Education, Legal Services

Gina Quin CDir (BA, MBA, MSc) - Experience in: President of National College of Ireland

Eilis Quinlan CDir (FCCA) - Experience in: Accounting and Finance, Corporate Governance, Wholesaling, Tech sector

Rosemary Quinlan CDir (BComm, Certified Bank Director)

Paul Quinn CDir (BScEng, MBA) - Experience in: Public Sector, Telecommunications, Shared Services and Construction

Prof. Kevin Rafter CDir (BA (Mod), MLitt, MA, PhD)

Ciarán Redmond CDir - Experience in: Aircraft Leasing, Airline, Public Debt Markets, Renewable Energy, Software Development

Denis Reeves CDir (Bachelor of Business Studies, Fellow Chartered Accountants Ireland, Diploma in Forensic Accounting, Accredited Mediator)

Imelda Reynolds CDir (BCL, Solicitor, Dip EU Law, Dip Corp Gov) - Experience in: Legal and Governance

John Reynolds CDir (BA,MBS) - Experience in: Leadership,Financial Services,Construction,Tourism,Culture

Noel Reynolds CDir (FCCA) - Experience in: Financial Services, Banking and Capital Markets

Billy Riordan CDir (BComm, FCA) - Experience in: Brands, Retail, Distribution, Family Business

Geraldine Ruane CDir (FCPA, MA) )

Padraig M. Rushe CDir (MBA) - Experience in: Financial Services, FinTech, Charity

Gerard Ryan CDir - Experience in: Pharma, Medtech, Retail

Patrick Ryan CDir ( MRICS, MSCSI) - Experience in: Asset Management, Hospitality Property and Financial Services

Davina Saint CDir (LLB Hons, Solicitor) - Experience in: Senior General Counsel with extensive banking and financial services background. Head of Branch for BNP Paribas Securities Services

Teemu Saloranta CDir - Experience in: World Class Manufacturing, Medical Devices, Plastics injection moulding, Tooling, Automation, Consulting and Mentoring

Claire Savage CDir (BE, MSc) - Experience in: FinTech, SaaS, Risk and Compliance, Payments

Werner Schwanberg CDir (FIOD) - Experience in: Banking and Financial Services, Funds

Eoin Scott CDir (BA (Econ)) - Experience in: Information Technology, Aviation, Education, Non-Profit

Bob Semple CDir (BSc, FCA, FCIS, FICS, D.CorpGov) - Experience in: Governance, Board Effectiveness, Risk, IT - Family Businesses, Financial Services, Public Sector

Jim Sheerin CDir (MBA, MSc) - Experience in: Food and Pharmaceuticals

Ray Sheerin CDir (BA (Hons)) - Experience in: Advertising & Communications; Financial Services

Damien Shelly CDir (FCCA, MBA)

Michael Shelly CDir (BE, MSc, CEng) - Experience in: Engineering and Project Management - Construction

Yvonne Shields O’Connor CDir (MSc, MBA) - Experience in: Maritime, Development, Safety and Public Services

Tom Shipsey CDir ((B.Ag, MSc) - Experience in: Agri Food, Retail/Wholesale and Charity Sector

Eamonn Sinnott CDir (BSc., MBA, PhD, (HC)) - Experience in: Advanced Manufacturing, Transformational Leadership

Margot Slattery CDir (MSc) - Experience in: Diversity and Inclusion, People and Culture

Fiona Slevin CDir

Gervaise Slowey CDir (BBS) - Experience in: Strategy, International Marketing, Advertising & Media, FMCG, Banking

Deirdre Smith CDir ( BA, BAI)

Pat Smith CDir (B. Ag, Sc.C, Dip AF) - Experience in: Business, Farming, Politics and Representation, Renewable Energy, Telecoms, Professional Services and Media

John M. Smyth CDir (FCIS, FCIB, Dip Corp Gov, F Inst D)

Caitriona Somers CDir (FCII, FCILA, MSc ( Hons) ) - Experience in: Financial Services, Outsourcing, Not for Profit

Ian Sparling CDir (BComm, FCA) - Experience in: Strategy, International Business Management, Leadership and Software

Caroline Spillane CDir (MA) - Experience in: Regulation, Communications, Strategy and Organisational Restructuring

Anthony Staines CDir (PhD, MB, BCh, BAO, FFPHMI) - Experience in: Academic, Health Care and Charity Sector

Daniel Stausberg CDir (PhD, MBA) - Experience in: Financial Services, Insurance and Reinsurance

Susan Steele CDir (PhD, MBA, Med) - Experience in: Marine, Science, Regulatory, Public Sector

Caroline Sugrue CDir (Dip Pysc of Counselling, Dip Health & Safety)

David Swanton CDir (FSAI) - Experience in: Financial Services

Margaret Sweeney CDir (FCA) - Experience in: Real Estate, Investments, Financial Services, Education, Aviation

Fiona Tierney CDir

John Tracey CDir (BE, MIE) - Experience in: Technology, Software

Joseph Trainer CDir (FCMA, CGMA) - Experience in: Healthcare Medical Devices, Industry

Yvonne Traynor CDir (PhD, MSc, CDipAF, CChem. FRSC) - Experience in: Quality Management, Regulatory Affairs, Innovation, Food, Chemicals, Manufacturing

Paul Turpin CDir (MA (Econ), MBA) - Experience in: Financial Services, Public Sector, Health

Alan Tyrrell CDir (MSc) - Experience in: Crisis Management, Corporate Reputation, CEO Advisory, and Stakeholder Strategy Across Multiple Sectors

Eddy Van Cutsem CDir - Experience in: Financial Services (Re/Insurance, Funds), Governance and Business Strategy

Jillian Van Turnhout CDir (IDP-C) - Experience in: State Boards, Consumer Voice, Charity

Lisa Vaughan CDir (BComm, MA, DipFM) - Experience in: Strategy, Organisational Change, Scaling and Leadership Coaching

Brian Walsh CDir (BComm, DPA, FCA) - Experience in: Financial Services, Healthcare, Telecoms, FMCG, Not for Profit

Eddie Ward CDir (BComm, MBS, ACIS, QFA) - Experience in: Independent Non-Executive Director with experience in domestic and international banking

Robert Wasson CDir (BSc, MBA) - Experience in: Electricity, Public Sector and Management Consultancy

Padraic White CDir

Paul A. White CDir (Dip Corp Gov) - Experience in: Corporate Governance Advisory, Information Technology, State Boards, NFP, Plc

Aidan WIlliams CDir (Chartered FCSI) - Experience in: Financial Services Board Directorships, Governance, Strategy and Risk Management

Liam Woulfe CDir (Dip Dy SC, MSc Executive Leadership )

Gerard Thomas Young CDir (BA, FCIS) - Experience in: Banking, Financial Services, Charity - Governance, Risk and Capital Management

Liam Young CDir (BBS, MBA) - Experience in: Food, Telecommunications, IT, Banking