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IoD Chartered Director Programme


About the Programme

The IoD’s Chartered Director Programme offers a unique qualification for directors and strategic business leaders in Ireland. Combining learning and professional experience, the Chartered Director Programme will equip you with the all-round skills, knowledge and understanding that is essential to effectively and successfully lead your organisation. Join over 1,300 senior business leaders who have already undertaken this prestigious programme.

The IoD UK awards both the Certificate and Diploma in Company Direction under the provisions of its Royal Charter and leads to qualifications credit rated by the Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA). The Professional Accreditation of Chartered Director is awarded by the IoD UK.


Steps to Becoming Chartered

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Step 1 - Expression of Interest

All potential applicants must first complete an Expression of Interest Form to note their interest in the Programme. Please note that completion of an Expression of Interest Form does not guarantee a place on the Programme, nor does it place any obligation on the applicant to accept a place on the Programme.

Following receipt of the Expression of Interest Form, applicants will be contacted by a member of the IoD Ireland Training Team to process your application. This completes the process and the applicant will be added to the waiting list.

Once a cohort programme is open, all applicants on the waiting list will be notified with the opportunity to accept a place. Place offers are made on a first come basis. Confirmation of a place can only made on an applicant returning a booking form and paying the deposit.

Step 2 - Certificate in Company Direction

Once an applicant has been accepted on to a cohort, the first aspect of the programme they will complete is the Certificate in Company Direction.

Modules in the Certificate in Company Direction
There are four module subjects in the Certificate in Company Direction. The modules include:
1. Role of the Director and Board (international)
(2 days’ duration)
2. Strategy for Directors (3 days’ duration)
3. Finance for Directors (3 days’ duration)
4. Leadership for Directors (2 days’ duration)

Benefits of the Certificate in Company Direction
The Certificate in Company Direction encompasses the core knowledge and awareness that is necessary to function effectively as a director and provides:
• An in-depth view of the role, responsibilities, and duties of a director
• An understanding of the characteristics of an effective board
• Sound knowledge of financial terms and concepts
• An understanding of the issues and processes associated with formulating strategic plans and demonstrating strategic leadership.

For more information on the benefits, module, time commitment and location click on the below learn more button.

Step 3 - Diploma in Company Direction

The Diploma in Company Direction builds on the technical knowledge gained in the Certificate syllabus and enables participants to contextualise and apply their knowledge and build their practical skills as Directors. The Diploma in Company DIrection can only be undertaken following the successful completion of the Certificate in Company Direction exams. 

Module: Developing Board Performance
This two-day interactive module, entitled ‘Developing Board Performance', requires participants to act as board members through role-play, which focuses on the activities involved in running an effective organisation and dealing with a variety of challenges and crises at board level. Participants will challenge and utilise the skills gained from their experience as directors and business leaders in an applied and dynamic way.

Benefits of the Diploma in Company Direction
The Diploma in Company Direction builds on the Certificate, and provides:
• An understanding of your board’s role, its dynamic, power, influence and conflicts
• Knowledge of important topics: risk and crisis management, decision-making, mergers and acquisitions, and board performance
• An understanding of relevant techniques and tools to improve personal skills and that of the board
• An opportunity to improve the performance of your board, its committees and individual directors.
For more information on the benefits, module, time commitment and location click on the below learn more button.

Step 4 - Becoming a Chartered Director - (Professional Review Process)

Having successfully completed the Certificate and Diploma exams, Programme participants may apply to become a Chartered Director (CDir). To attain Chartered Director accreditation, a candidate must complete a Professional Review Process, which begins with the application to assess eligibility.

Benefits of Becoming Chartered
A commitment to achieving Chartered Director status is a clear message to your colleagues, customers and network that you are serious about your role and the contributions you make to your organisation. Becoming a Chartered Director is an endorsement of your skills, professionalism, and knowledge of corporate governance best-practice.

Chartered Directors demonstrate continuous commitment and ongoing professional development to maintain the level of effectiveness and practitioner excellence that exemplifies Chartered status and an outstanding contribution to their boards and organisations.

For more information on the eligibility criteria, review process and fees involved click on the below learn more button.

Dates & Fees

Current Dates & Fees

The Chartered Director Programme has two commencement points in each calendar year, January and September.

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The costs for the Chartered Director Programme (including both the Certificate and the Diploma in Company Direction) are:

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(For 2021 September programmes)

Non Members


(For 2021 September programmes)

IoD Ireland Chartered Director Team

Programme Director and Course Leaders

The IoD Ireland Chartered Director Programme is led by a team of senior and highly qualified corporate governance experts, inclusive of the Programme Director Eileen Gleeson CDir, and course leaders such as Dr Simon Haslam, Carol Bolger CDir, Dr Deborah Benson, and Marie Collins CDir.

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What chartered director participants say

The Chartered Director programme is an incredibly educational and comprehensive course that should be on the to-do list of any company director. It is one of the best things I have done for my career, and I only wish I had done it years ago!

Peaches Kemp Founder and Director, The Itsa Group

I chose to do the Chartered Director Programme because I’ve recently been appointed to a board and I felt that the more formal training would complement me for my role as part of that Board. I would recommend the Chartered Programme to others, particularly those who are coming to a board for the first time, I think the detail within the programme will give them extra confidence, particularly if they’re not from a financial background.

Aoibheann Treacy, Non-Executive Director

An excellent course - would definitely recommend it. All of the IoD staff were superb with huge personal director experience which adds greatly to the teaching. Superbly run by Eileen - incredibly smooth and excellent exam prep days. Group work was so valuable - all of our cohort participated really well and I learned a huge amount from their experiences and expertise also.

Sharon Sheehan Former Master/CEO, Coombe Women & Infants University Hospital

I was delighted to have been awarded the prestigious IoD Chartered Director Qualification. The IoD Ireland team were excellent, including Eileen Gleeson, covering important areas such as the intricacies of Governance, Finance, Strategy and Leadership. This was a tough course with plenty going on in my business at the same time, but as the owner and CEO of an SME engineering firm, it was an incredible experience to meet another 19 people with such a wide span of different experiences and careers. Overall, this was an enlightening experience and I heartily recommend this to anyone else. It’s intense, there is no room for relaxing, the exams are tough, but you do come out “the other side” with a completely different perspective.

Paul Bushell CDir Managing Director, P&B Metal Components UK

What I enjoyed most about the IoD Chartered Director Programme was working with a group of peers and experienced lecturers. We got the opportunity to look at some real life problems and propose solutions and we were also able to benchmark ourselves against one another.

Margot Lyons CDir Independent Non-Executive Director

I loved the programme, it was well structured and well delivered with super support for people like me who are trying to fit this into a full time job. Although I am already on a number of boards, I learned a lot, and would say I am much better prepared for the future as a result of this.

Margot Slattery Global Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Sodexo Group
Institue of Directors - design shape
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Registered Chartered Directors

The full list of IoD Ireland members who are registered Chartered Directors is available to view by clicking the below button.

Registered Chartered Directors