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Tackle Your Feelings Campaign Raises Awareness of Mental Wellbeing

Tackle Your Feelings is an all-island mental wellbeing campaign driven and delivered by the Irish Rugby Union Players’ Association (IRUPA), designed to encourage more people to become proactive about taking care of their mental wellbeing. 

What Makes a Great Leader?

I’m a firm believer that leaders are made and not born. It is true that not everyone is a leader in purely business terms, but everyone has an opportunity to lead, whether as a parent, as captain of a sports team, in the community etc. Once you think about it, you have been a leader at some stage during your life.

Great People Leaders Do Things Differently

Most leaders of people will tell you that their greatest assets are their employees and will wax lyrical about their importance. However, few seem to be able to actually back up these words with actions, and fail to build a powerful sense of commitment and loyalty that provides a real competitive advantage to their organisation.

Ten Reasons You Should be Investing in Branding

We all know how nice it is to have a good reputation, but are there specific reasons why we should be investing in branding? Too right there are. We could write a Fifty Shades of Branding hardback on why all your activity should be brand-centric, but here are some of the more compelling reasons.

EU Audit Directive - What Do Irish Directors Need To Know?

EU legislation to reform the statutory audit market was adopted in April 2014 and will apply from 17 June 2016*. Directors in Ireland need to be cognisant of this legislation as it has significant implications for how companies will select, structure and manage their professional advisor relationships.