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Your Profitability is Good News for Your Customer

Customers usually view a supplier’s profitability with suspicion. However it is the unprofitable or the marginally profitable supplier that they really should be suspicious of.

Private Equity - Driving Growth in Irish Business

Private equity is a form of financing which is gaining more interest from Irish entrepreneurs and business owners. Fewer banks operating in the Irish market post the financial crisis and more disciplined lending by those that remain have led to a marked reduction in bank funding available for companies looking to invest for growth. 

“It’s not just gamblers who have been caught unprepared by the Brexit vote - so too have most businesses” - Philippe Legrain advises Irish businesses to prepare

They thought it would never happen – and now it has. Britons have voted narrowly to leave the European Union, without knowing when, how or where to. It is a leap in the dark – off a cliff, one might say – and it threatens to drag Ireland and the rest of the EU down too.

Summer Economic Statement

The Government's Summer Economic Statement contains a commitment to reduce marginal income tax rates, although it’s likely that the reductions will be ringfenced to lower and middle income earners, with higher earning employees continuing to live with a marginal 52% rate. A high earning self-employed individual is likely to continue paying tax at the 55% rate post Budget 2017.

BEPS: The Time for Talking is Over

The OECD’s BEPS (base erosion and profit-shifting) Project has transitioned from talking point to legal consequence, making its impact felt in corporate boardrooms across the developed (and developing) world.