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COVID-19 Is An Event Without Modern Precedent

Expert Analysis by Jim Power, Economist and Media Commentator. This article has been drafted exclusively for IoD Ireland members.

Is Your Business Prepared for The Age of Ethics?

Weeks after the final votes were counted in the 2020 general election, Ireland is still coming to terms with our new political reality.

The importance of diversity and inclusion to a company’s success

In 2020 Ireland, we are a very diverse population from race, backgrounds, disability and faiths points of view.  Nick Davies, Chair of Common Purpose Ireland, discusses the importance of diversity and inclusion to a company’s success.

On the pitch instead of in the stand

One of the leading business journalists in the country, Tom Lyons has teamed up with fellow scribe Ian Kehoe to launch the newest business and financial online platform, The Currency. Here, Tom Lyons offers his personal take on the difference between being a spectator and being a player.

Getting involved in the business world? A view from a rookie!

In life, in sport and in business, the decisions we make impact the relationships we build, the medals we collect and the profits we earn. In January 2018, the Board of Management of Shelbourne Football Club (aka ‘Shels’) made an innovative strategic decision to reorganise the internal governance structures of the club by bringing in a new strategic investor and also in creating a new executive position at board level.