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How leaders can reduce employee turnover in the IT industry in Dublin

Employee retention. Who has not discussed this topic before? What could be done? Can leaders have a better impact on the challenge? Or is it just the present context in the IT sector in Ireland, especially in Dublin, that generates this problem?

Why housing information sessions can be of benefit to your staff

John-Mark McCafferty, Chief Executive Officer at Threshold, discusses how companies can help employees by providing information sessions, one on one advice and support to workers who rent.

Why employee engagement is turning to wellbeing

James Brogan of PepTalk looks at why corporate wellbeing programmes are increasingly being seen as integral to employee engagement.

Employee Retention: The Ten Mistakes Employers Make

As Ireland approaches full employment, it's now a candidate's market and employers wonder at the best way to hold onto their people. 

Sustainability - the next big challenge for Irish business?

Mark Kennedy, Managing Partner, Mazars, looks at how sustainability is becoming an issue that businesses can no longer ignore.