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Leadership lessons from flatpack

Fresh from the testing challenge of self-assembly furniture, Scott McInnes, founder of Inspiring Change, tells us about some hard-earned lessons that are applicable to business leadership.

The potential of blockchain in investment and finance

Joanne McEnteggart, Managing Director, IQ-EQ Ireland discusses blockchain and what we should be doing to leverage blockchain’s potential in investment and finance.

Taking the pain out of the paperwork as part of Irish companies’ Brexit preparations

Derek Dunne has been involved in the port agency and customs brokerage businesses for the last 30 years and now finds himself at the coalface of Brexit preparations, sharing ‘lost’ traditional importing/exporting knowledge with the current generation.

How leaders can reduce employee turnover in the IT industry in Dublin

Employee retention. Who has not discussed this topic before? What could be done? Can leaders have a better impact on the challenge? Or is it just the present context in the IT sector in Ireland, especially in Dublin, that generates this problem?

Why housing information sessions can be of benefit to your staff

John-Mark McCafferty, Chief Executive Officer at Threshold, discusses how companies can help employees by providing information sessions, one on one advice and support to workers who rent.