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Board Evaluation

Our Board Evaluation Service enables your board to understand how effectively it is performing while providing assurance to regulatory authorities, stakeholders and potential investors of your organisation's commitment to the highest standards of governance and probity.

Delivering results for your board

Leveraging detailed knowledge of relevant regulation, best practice standards, codes of conduct and the techniques and processes associated with high performing boards, our evaluation service offers independent and reliable results, generated entirely from the views and opinions of your board members.

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What’s evaluated

A performance evaluation will enable your board to determine how it is operating in a number of key areas including:

  • Strategy and alignment with culture
  • Stakeholder management
  • Business principles
  • Board composition, diversity and practice
  • Risk management and internal controls
  • Performance of committees
  • Performance of individual directors and / or committees

How it works

Our step-by-step guide will tell you all you need to know about the process. Your board will be evaluated by a highly capable and experienced independent assessor, who will analyse and assess performance using online technology, tailored exclusively for the IoD.

Once the online questionnaire has been completed, as recommended by the UK Corporate Governance Code 2018, we can offer an option to have the assessor observe the board to determine the following:

  • how the board works together as a unit
  • the tone set by the Chair and CEO
  • how board committees connect with the main board
  • timing of papers and presentations to the board
  • quality of papers and presentations to the board
  • quality of discussions around indivdual papers and time allowed
  • quality of contributions made by the indivudual directors
  • process the Chair uses to ensure sufficient debate for major decisions or contentious issues
  • effectiveness of company secretary

Once the report has been completed, we can offer the following:

Revisit Board After One Year

The Code recommends that the 'outcomes from the board evaluation should be shared with and discussed by the board'.  It also indicates that it 'may be useful for a company to review how effective the board evaluation process has been and how well the outcomes have been acted upon'.

  • review methodology adopted by the board for addressing recommendations highlighted in the Board Evaluation
  • assess progress achieved against actions taken
  • facilitate board discussion on progress against agreed outcomes

Our board assessors are experienced board members with in-depth knowledge of Plcs, regulated entities, large private companies, SMEs, State and semi-State organisations. As Chartered Directors and governance experts who have worked across sectors as diverse as telecoms, financial services, hospitality, property, healthcare, communications, construction, energy, and education, our board assessors have vast knowledge and insight into what makes an effective board.

Why opt for a board evaluation?

  • Enhance the performance, functioning and effectiveness of your board
  • Leverage independent insights and actions
  • Offers assurances to stakeholders
  • Meet regulatory or governance requirements
  • Identify strengths and pinpoint weaknesses
  • Invest in your organisation's future

Expected outcomes

We have been conducting board evaluations for SMEs, Plcs, regulated entities, large companies and State bodies since 2010 and bring in-depth knowledge and insight to the most common themes and outcomes associated with board evaluations. 

Your board can expect a detailed report that will outline key findings across all areas under review such as:

  • Board training and induction
  • Board diversity, balance and skill set
  • Performance of the chairperson, committees and individual directors, if requested
  • Board culture, relationships and communication
  • Formulation and communication of corporate strategy
  • Effectiveness of internal controls, business continuity and risk management approach

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