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ESG Strategy, Leadership, and Integration in Irish Companies

Research Reports

This report by IoD Ireland in partnership with the Diligent Institute reveals a significant increase in the discussion of environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters in Irish boardrooms since the onset of the pandemic.  The research report findings indicate ESG is being treated with increasing importance by business leaders; 59% of respondents said that ESG is primarily dealt with at board level or a subcommittee of the board. Eight out of 10 respondents said ESG matters are discussed at board level at least once a year, whereas just over half (52%) said their board discussed ESG before March 2020.

The findings also show a general optimism that ESG will be discussed more frequently at the board level in the coming years, with 97% of respondents indicating their board will discuss ESG matters at least once a year over the next three years. The research also reveals a hesitancy towards tying ESG metrics to directors’ remuneration, with just 17% of respondents saying they already do so. However, this figure is expected to more than double to 37% in 2021.