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The Sustainable Finance/ESG Agenda: What Do Directors Need to Know?

Event Briefing Presentations

Read this presentation by Laura Heuston, Director and Co-Founder, SustainabilityWorks, at her Briefing presentation, which took place at The Westbury Hotel, on Thursday, 8th September 2022. In this event, Laura presented a session on 'The Sustainable Finance/ESG Agenda: What Do Directors Need to Know?'

In this session, Laura gave an overview of the key stakeholders driving the sustainable finance agenda, and why they are doing so; and why global sustainability challenges and trends, and climate change in particular, are of strategic relevance to all corporates regardless of sector or size. Laura also offered insights into how corporate sustainability strategies are developed; the role of the board with regards to sustainability and ESG; and immediate next steps that individual directors can take to ensure that they can provide the strategic guidance and oversight their companies need on these issues.  

This event is part of our IoD Briefings Series and is sponsored by Accenture

The full presentation is available to view by selecting the above 'Download' button.