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Insights and Advice from the Boardroom

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In this IoD Briefings webinar recorded on Thursday, 6th October 2022,  Karen Forte, Independent Non-Executive Director, and Kevin Neary CDir, Non-Executive Director/Entrepreneur, presented their session titled, 'Insights and Advice from the Boardroom'. 

In this presentation, Karen and Kevin gave their advice and personal insights on joining the boards of a broad range of companies as a non-executive director. Topics covered included: their experience of building a non-executive portfolio; how to prepare yourself for non-executive positions and what to consider before joining a board; how to evaluate yourself as a non-executive; doing your due diligence before you join a board; and what a board and its chair consider when recruiting a non-executive director.

This event is part of our IoD Briefings Series and is sponsored by Accenture

The webcast of this webinar is also available here: 'Insights and Advice from the Boardroom'.

The full presentation is available to view by selecting the above 'Download' button.