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Directors and Officers Liability Insurance: Why Is It Important?

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In this IoD partnership webinar with Glennon Insurance, which took place on Tuesday 20th April 2021, Stephen Byrne, Director Glennon Insurance, presented his webinar titled, 'Directors and Officers Liability Insurance: Why Is It Important?'.

In this webinar, Stephen gave a short introduction to the main elements of what Directors and Officers (D&O) Liability Insurance is, including how it works, and an understanding of what the insurance should cover. He also gave an overview of how this insurance should apply to both executive and non-executive directors, the legal requirements and risks that directors face, and how and why D&O Liability Insurance is something all directors should consider.

This was an IoD partnership webinar with Glennon Insurance. 

The slides presented during this webinar are also available here: Directors and Officers Liability Insurance: Why Is It Important?

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