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Ramatoulaye A. Diallo

Advertising Sales Director, France, Google

Ramatoulaye A. Diallo

Ramatoulaye A. Diallo

Advertising Sales Director, France, Google

Ramatoulaye is an empathetic leader with a penchant for strategic foresight,sheI excels in asking insightful questions and balancing the intricacies of business.  
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Her journey is guided by the philosophy of leading with empathy, fostering maturity in teams. Inspired by Nelson Mandela's legacy, she brings a holistic approach to leadership, navigating complexities with resilience and innovation. She is currently undertaking the Chartered Director programme and plans to pursue accreditation in the near future. 

What has been your career highlight to date? 

In my impactful journey, I led Orange Money to unparalleled success, achieving a remarkable four-fold revenue surge. As the CEO, I played a pivotal role in steering the company to market dominance. A highlight of my tenure was during the challenging times of COVID, where my team and I facilitated the transition of over 1 million people to contactless payments. Showcasing our commitment to innovation and financial inclusion. Entrepreneurship is deeply ingrained in me, evident in my own ventures and strategic investments. My time as Deputy CFO at Etisalat Nigeria earned me many industry accolades. Current and past board roles reflect my commitment to strategic governance. Globally recognised , my dynamic career reflects leadership, financial acumen, and an unwavering passion for innovation across diverse industries and continents.

What qualities do you think a business leader should have to succeed in business? 

Successful business leaders possess a triad of vital qualities. Adeptness in asking insightful questions. Strategic foresight to anticipate challenges. A keen eye for operational details. Navigating complexities requires a visionary perspective, allowing leaders to foresee opportunities and pitfalls. Equally crucial is the ability to lead with empathy, fostering cohesive and motivated teams. This delicate balance of strategic vision, meticulous attention to detail, and empathetic leadership defines a leader's effectiveness, enabling them to steer their organisation through dynamic landscapes with resilience and innovation.

What is the most important lesson, from your personal or business life, that has guided you the most in being a business leader?

Guided by the indomitable spirit of Nelson Mandela, my leadership ethos hinges on a profound lesson: true strength lies in compassion and resilience. As he chaired the investment committee of our inaugural fund, Mandela's unwavering commitment to justice and reconciliation left an enduring imprint. The most pivotal lesson learned is that leadership transcends authority.It is a force that unites, inspires, and perseveres. Mandela's legacy underscores the transformative power of empathy and tenacity. This lesson shapes my approach, steering me to lead not just with expertise but with a heart attuned to the collective journey, fostering unity and enduring impact in every leadership endeavour.

How do you think business leaders can best prepare for the future? 

Anticipating the future of AI prompts business leaders to foster relentless curiosity.. Embracing a learning-centric mindset becomes paramount. A value essential for navigating the evolving landscape. As a leader, prioritising continuous education is not merely a personal principle. It is a strategic imperative. The accelerating pace of technological advancement necessitates proactive adaptation. By championing a culture of perpetual learning, business leaders lay the groundwork for innovation, resilience, and informed decision-making. In the face of AI's transformative impact, a commitment to ongoing curiosity and education emerges as the linchpin for visionary leadership, ensuring organizations remain agile and future ready.

What, in your opinion, makes a great leader? 

A great leader possesses a blend of strategic acumen, operational expertise, and empathy. They guide with foresight. Leveraging firsthand experience to address challenges and foster growth. A key trait is the ability to execute plans effectively. Translating vision into action. Dual perspectives, as both a business leader and investor, enhance decision-making. A great leader navigates risks adeptly, thinks expansively about scaling, and fosters a culture of innovation. Continued commitment and involvement underscore their dedication to organisational success, emphasizing the importance of sustained leadership in steering a course toward excellence.

What do you value most from your IoD membership to date? 

The warm welcome and the plethora of opportunities to connect.  I am currently enrolled in the Chartered Director programme which I will be completing at the end of the year and I plan to pursue accreditation in 2024/2025. That is a testament to the quality of the educational resources.

What do you hope to gain from your membership with the IoD? 

I hope to get the opportunity to serve on boards whose needs and whose moment of inflection matches the experience and skills I bring. Namely a 25-year career as an entrepreneur, a telco CFO and fintech CEO. Joining the Institute of Directors Ireland signifies my commitment to perpetual growth amidst AI's dawn. With an insatiable curiosity for learning, I view this membership as a strategic asset. My goal extends beyond personal development. I aspire to leverage this knowledge to serve boards in Ireland and the U.K. My skills and experience become tools to navigate AI complexities. Offering informed and visionary leadership. The institute, in this context, becomes a bridge, empowering me to contribute meaningfully to boards, steering them through the dynamic challenges of the modern business landscape.