John Tuohy

What is your current role and what does it involve? 

I am the CEO of the Nightline Logistics Group, Ireland’s largest independent delivery company. That entails overseeing the strategy and development of the business both within Ireland and abroad to ensure that we continue to grow.

Tell us a bit about Nightline and its background

Nightline was formed by myself and Dave Field, the company’s COO, in 1992. Even though we started with just €10,000 working capital, we had a vision of how we could offer a distinct and better service than many of our more established competitors. The enormous growth in popularity of e-commerce in recent years may have generated significant opportunities, parcel volumes and business partnerships, but we have additional strengths in warehouse management, business post and international freight, which are represented in the constituent divisions of the Nightline Group.

What are the company’s main challenges at the moment and going forward? 

Being an indigenous Irish business, we face stiff competition from multinational carriers that can subsidise their operations here. Trying to grow our business against that backdrop means having to keep a close eye on costs, with labour being one key component. We have found that as the economy has recovered, the employment market has become fluid once again, making talent retention a priority. As we look to grow our business both in terms of volumes and into new territories, we increase the amount of potential competition and, therefore, there is a need for us to remain innovative and on our toes.

What’s your own career background?

Prior to launching Nightline, Dave and I had both worked for several years in the parcel delivery industry for other firms.

Can you define your leadership style?

Mine is very much an ‘open door’ approach. Whilst Dave and I might be ultimately responsible for plotting the direction in which the company moves forward, we have built a very capable team across the various levels and facilities that we operate. Whilst I consider myself to have a good eye for detail, I know that it would be impossible to manage everything. I trust my colleagues to do their job and to make suggestions that will propel Nightline forward.

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