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Finance Bill 2015 - Income Tax Exemption in Respect of Certain Expense Payments for Relevant Directors

Following the publication of the Finance Bill 2015 on 22nd October, the IoD made a submission to the Department of Finance, finance spokespersons, and members of the Select sub-Committee on Finance, regarding the provision for income tax exemption on travel expenses for non-resident non-executive directors in respect of attendance at board meetings. This submission follows on from the IoD’s participation in a consultation process with the Department of Finance relating to travel expenses in August 2015.  

The Irish Tax Institute - Budget 2016 - The Tax Story

The Irish Tax Institute has published a tax guide to Budget 2016, outlining a number of possible tax changes that may be included in Budget 2016.

Revenue eBrief No. 61/14 - Expenses of travel - Non-executive directors attending board meetings

Revenue eBrief No. 61/14 - Expenses of travel - Non-executive directors attending board meetings – details Revenue’s position in relation to the tax treatment of expenses of travel and subsistence incurred by non-executive directors in attending board meetings.

Revenue eBrief No. 84/11 - Tax and USC treatment of income for directors of Irish incorporated companies

Revenue eBrief No. 84/11 - Tax and Universal Social Charge (USC) treatment of income arising from having or exercising the public office of director of an Irish incorporated company.

Taxation of Non-Executive Directors' Travel Expenses

In July 2015, the Department of Finance issued a consultation in respect of the Tax Treatment of Expenses of Travel and Subsistence for Employees and Office Holders.

The Institute of Directors in Ireland submitted a response which focused on the tax treatment of expenses incurred by non-executive directors in travelling to attend board meetings, and sought to emphasise that the definition of the normal place of work of a non-executive director needs to be updated to reflect the reality of the role.