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Cyber Security in the Boardroom

The research report, Cyber Security in the Boardroom, in partnership with Mason Hayes & Curran, examines the perspectives of Irish directors on what changes they have noticed in terms of the importance of cyber security as a board level issue, their levels of preparedness should their organisation experience a cyber breach, and how at risk they feel their organisation is in terms of cyber liability.

The research was conducted with IoD members in April 2016 and this report was published in May 2016.


State Boards in Ireland 2015 - Views from the Boardroom Table

One year on since the publication of new guidelines relating to the appointments process to State boards, this research with 77 IoD members in November 2015 holding State board positions examines how views have changed in relation to the appointment and selection process, and also looks at wider issues such as skills, diversity and training as well as board performance, political influence and levels of remuneration.

Women on Boards in Ireland 2015

This research report details findings of research carried out exclusively among women members of the IoD in April / May 2015, examining their experiences as a director to date and views on how gender diversity across boardrooms in Ireland can be improved.

Governance in the Charity and Not-For-Profit Sector in Ireland

This research report details the findings of research carried out with IoD members with boardroom experience in the charity and not-for-profit sector in Ireland in January 2014.

Women on Boards in Ireland 2013 – Progress Made and Obstacles Remaining

This report details the findings of in-depth research undertaken in January 2013 with IoD women members holding directorship positions in Ireland.