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Diversity in the Boardroom 2019

Diversity in the Boardroom 2019 provides a snapshot of the current state of diversity in Ireland’s boardrooms. It covers key aspects of corporate governance, including board profiles and demographics, social diversity (gender, race, geography, age), professional diversity (education, expertise and skillsets) and the governance of diversity (board recruitment, composition and tenure).

This report is a based on a research survey of IoD members. All 3,000 IoD members were invited to take part in an online survey, with 381 members responding (60% male and 40% female), which equates to 13% of the membership. The survey was undertaken between 13th and 28th March 2019. Thank you to all who took part.

This new research has also allowed us to compare the 2019 results with those from our diversity research in 2017, and to identify areas where progress has been made and offer insights to where issues and gaps remain. 

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