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Fourth Edition: Directors' Handbook

Director Handbooks

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The fourth edition of the Directors’ Handbook, produced in partnership with McCann FitzGerald, is exclusively available to IoD Ireland members. All members receive a hard copy of the Handbook when they join in their member pack, and a soft copy is also available below to view below. Additional copies of the Handbook are available to purchase for €10 by calling the office on 01 411 0010.

Incorporating directors’ duties under the Companies Act 2014 and reflecting company law up to 1 September 2019, the fourth edition Directors’ Handbook is a comprehensive guide for directors and boards in Ireland.

The Companies Act 2014, which commenced on 1st June 2015, consolidates and reforms Irish company legislation and codifies the principal general duties of directors. The Directors’ Handbook is a useful publication not only for newly appointed directors, but also for more experienced directors, who may wish to refresh their knowledge and keep abreast of relevant legislation. 

Covering a wide range of responsibilities - from the duties of the non-executive director to that of the chairperson and company secretary - the Directors’ Handbook also outlines the role of the board of directors, the functions of board committees and the procedures for appointing and removing directors. The Directors’ Handbook is specifically designed to develop the knowledge and expertise of directors, so as to improve board effectiveness and strengthen governance frameworks. 

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