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Apple Tax - Five Practical and Important Reminders for Irish Company Directors

This blog highlights Boardroom issues arising from the publication of the EU Commission’s investigation of Ireland and Apple Inc and lessons for directors.

Ireland to Compete for Brexit Investment

March 2017 will see the British Parliament introduce the Repeal Act, which will be the key piece of legislation to reverse the European Union Act which brought the United Kingdom into the EU. In turn, the British Government will invoke Article 50 of the European Union Treaty.

Culture in the Boardroom

This summer, while many of us headed for sunnier climes, the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) was busy putting together a new discussion document that reflects a subtle shift in its focus but serves as a significant call to action for the boards of publicly quoted companies.

Your Profitability is Good News for Your Customer

Customers usually view a supplier’s profitability with suspicion. However it is the unprofitable or the marginally profitable supplier that they really should be suspicious of.

Private Equity - Driving Growth in Irish Business

Private equity is a form of financing which is gaining more interest from Irish entrepreneurs and business owners. Fewer banks operating in the Irish market post the financial crisis and more disciplined lending by those that remain have led to a marked reduction in bank funding available for companies looking to invest for growth.