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FinTech has the potential to be the next big player on Ireland’s FDI field

Ireland, with its strong technology and finance sectors and a vibrant start-up community, has the potential to become a major hub for attracting high potential fintech companies, but only if we adopt a joined up strategy that brings together private business, government agencies and regulatory authorities

Technology-Enabled Innovation: Pathways to Success

Alan Costello, founder of Ruby Consulting StrategyCrowd, writes that, despite what the 'experts' and industry stakeholders say, it takes many years of testing technologies and evaluating them for different-use cases before they’re ready for mainstream use.

Sponsorship: The Key to Unlocking Women's Route to the Top

Mark Fenton, CEO and Founder of MASF Consulting Ltd, explores how sponsorship (as opposed to mentoring) can help women climb the professional ladder. He interprets professional exposure as being key to success at work.

Directors: Why You Need To Grasp Marketing’s Strategic Value

Chartered Director and Digital Strategist, Aileen O'Toole looks at a research, which provides evidence of marketing’s contribution to profitability and brand building, and explores how marketing is so often considered an expense rather than an investment by company directors.  Aileen offers ideas on what directors can do - individually and collectively - to ensure marketing is strategic, not tactical, and contributes long-term value.

Private Equity – Is It For You?

Private equity funding is not widely used in Ireland.  Despite the Irish economy being one of the fastest-growing in Europe, and despite the number of successful entrepreneurial companies and managers based here, there remains a limited number of traditional “buyout” deals in any one year – on average around 30 deals per year.  This means that company owners, managers and advisors are missing out.