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Maximising the €500 benefit-in-kind tax break

Leadership training guru Dale Carnegie once said, "people work for money but go the extra mile for recognition, praise and rewards". 

Revenue’s Small Benefit Exemption (SBE) is a perfect opportunity for employers to test that theory with an annual tax-free gift to staff worth up to €500 each year. For an employee on the marginal rate, this gift is effectively worth over double the value and the employer pays no payroll contributions such as PRSI. A win-win.

Private Sector Boards: Why Governance Requirements Will Become Mandatory

Justin Moran, Governance, Risk and Internal Controls Director in Mazars, explores why recent calls for the reform of executive pay and the awarding of public sector contracts to companies are the early warning signs for mandatory corporate governance requirements in the private sector. Justin also provides six steps to improved corporate governance for private sector business.

Too busy for strategy? New research shows your profits will suffer!

For many small and medium sized business, survival and profitability are the absolute priorities. While the CEO’s of small and medium size businesses (SMB’s) recognise that strategy is important, this year’s profitability is simply more critical than developing the company’s vision and mission right now.

FinTech has the potential to be the next big player on Ireland’s FDI field

Ireland, with its strong technology and finance sectors and a vibrant start-up community, has the potential to become a major hub for attracting high potential fintech companies, but only if we adopt a joined up strategy that brings together private business, government agencies and regulatory authorities

Technology-Enabled Innovation: Pathways to Success

Alan Costello, founder of Ruby Consulting StrategyCrowd, writes that, despite what the 'experts' and industry stakeholders say, it takes many years of testing technologies and evaluating them for different-use cases before they’re ready for mainstream use.