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Second in Davy's SME Series - Planning To Sell Your Business – What’s Your Strategy?

Anthony Moyles is a senior private client adviser with Davy and he explores the issues to consider when selling your business. 

Incorporating Art & Creativity into CSR Strategies

Andrew Hetherington, Chief Executive, Business to Arts, writes about the merits of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) inclusive of creativity, in the workplace.

First in Davy's SME Series - Plan ahead to get your business working for you (not the other way around)

Philip Smith, a senior private client adviser with Davy, writes that thinking more like a shareholder can help business owners turn profitability into personal financial success.

Is your brand driving results?

Gillian Horan, Managing Director and Chief Brand Strategist of branding agency, The Pudding, writes that building a strong brand drives business growth. 

The Give And Take of Receiver Sales

So far in 2017, we are seeing an increase in the amount of disposals by NAMA, banks and funds of distressed properties with a purchase price of between €2 million and €15 million. Many of these transactions will involve receivers acting as vendors.