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Tackling Corruption and Money Laundering - Legislative Update

Claire Lord, Partner & Head of Corporate Governance & Compliance, Mason Hayes & Curran, provides a legislative update on the topic of corruption and money laundering.

'The Professional and Personal Implications of Whistleblowing in Ireland - Ethical, Legal and Personal Outcomes in Speaking Truth to Power'

As part of our Lunch Bites @ the IoD series, on 17th May 2018, retired Irish Army Captain, author and security analyst, Dr Tom Clonan, delivered a presentation titled, 'The Professional and Personal Implications of Whistleblowing in Ireland - Personal Outcomes in Speaking Truth to Power. Tom kindly provided us with a short blog, which outlines his presentation. 

The Uncertainty Principle: Brexit?

Two things seem to remain certain about Brexit at this point – that the ultimate trade deal between the UK and EU is still uncertain, and that we are going to run to the wire in forming a political deal.

Listing on Nasdaq First North Market

Gerry Jones, independent non-executive Director, Zutec board, writes about listing on the Nasdaq First North market.

Changing Attitudes towards Whistleblowing

Whistleblowing is one of the most effective ways of exposing corruption, human rights abuses and other wrongdoing. Despite this, whistleblowers are often victimised for speaking up and their treatment is used as an example to others to remain silent. According to the 2017 Eurobarometer, 62% of Irish people believe there is corruption in our public institutions and 65% believe corruption is part of our business culture.