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Edelman Trust Barometer Findings and Opportunities for Irish Directors

This year, against a backdrop of a global discussion on inequality and wealth distribution, the Edelman Trust Barometer examined trust levels across certain segments of the population.

Challenges and Opportunities for the Construction Sector in 2016

Currently there are almost 130,000 people working in construction throughout Ireland, and that number continues to grow. However, a skills shortage is affecting the ability of our sector to respond to current and future projects. 

Moderation in the Growth of Irish House Prices in 2015

There has been a notable moderation in the growth of Irish house prices to 4.0% in the twelve months to end December 2015. One of the most notable features of the residential market in 2015 was the moderation in price inflation relative to the levels achieved in 2014.

Credit Management - Judgment Process for Collection of Debts

Good credit management often starts when you are onboarding a new client. It is further improved by the continued monitoring of that client through the business relationship. Once the sale is made and the invoice issued the payment should follow. However, the reality is that often the payment does not follow and it is essential to have good credit management policies and procedures in place to ensure that payment is made within the credit terms.

Finance Bill 2015

The Finance Bill 2015 was published on 22 October. This was the first step in the process of enacting the changes announced by the Minister for Finance in his budget statement of 13 October. It also included a number of additional measures, which were not announced on budget day.