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What opportunities are available for UK pensions in the light of Brexit?

This is the question asked by many Irish residents who have worked in the UK in the past and have, as a result, preserved workplace pensions. Very often they have little idea as to the pension’s true worth, how the funds are invested and their options under ‘pension buy out’ and ‘pension freedom rules’.  These concerns are particularly pertinent in the light of Brexit and sterling weakness.

Why business leaders need to rethink failure

A new relationship with the word failure is needed on the part of many business leaders – one that recognises its importance in creating the type of corporate culture necessary to remain relevant and competitive in the digital economy.

Is occupational fraud and abuse a threat to Irish businesses?

In February 2019, Mazars undertook a unique survey across a broad range of Irish organisations to provide an insight into the level of actual occupational fraud and abuse experienced in Ireland. Occupational fraud can be defined as the use of one’s workplace position to commit a wrongful act or criminal deception intended that results in financial or personal gain. As well as fraud, individuals have also exploited their position within a business for matters associated with conflicts of interest, bribery and data protection abuse, to name a few.

Leadership lessons from flatpack

Fresh from the testing challenge of self-assembly furniture, Scott McInnes, founder of Inspiring Change, tells us about some hard-earned lessons that are applicable to business leadership.

The potential of blockchain in investment and finance

Joanne McEnteggart, Managing Director, IQ-EQ Ireland discusses blockchain and what we should be doing to leverage blockchain’s potential in investment and finance.