Director Training

Registered Chartered Directors

Below is a list of IoD Ireland members who are registered Chartered Directors:

John Ahern (CDir, BE, MIEI) - Experience in: Energy, Gas & Waste Management

Barry Andrews (MA, BL, CDir), Member of European Parliament - Experience in Public Affairs, NGOs, Law

Deirdre Ashe (BA MBA CDir) - Experience in: Customer Centricity, Digitial Transformation, Commercial, Financial Services, Governance

Deborah Bailey (BSc, CDir) - Experience in: Education, Management, Environmental, Tourism, Charity

James Barrett (B.Comm, ACMA, CDir) – Experience in: Construction, Financial Services, Governance and Insurance

Brian Barry (FCMA, MBA, CDir) – Experience in: Finance for BPO, Customer Services and Telecoms

Michael Barry (B. Comm, FCA, CDir) - Experience in: Renewable Energy, Waste Processing, Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals

Doireann Barry (BE (Elec), CDir) – Experience in: Energy/ Utilities

Bill Beers (CEng, CDir, FIMechE, FEI, CMIOSH) Experience in: Energy, Utilities, Packaging, Processing, Carbon Footprinting

Catherine Bent (MA, CDir) 

Michael Bermingham (BA.BAI, CDir, FCCA, Chartered Banker, Certified Bank Director, FIBI, MIEI) – Experience in: Banking, Development Finance & Financial Services, FMCG and Logistics, Charity

Carol Bolger (CDir, QFA) - Experience in: Governance, Financial Services

Mark Bonham (CDir, CAMS, Cert ICM) - E-Money, Payments, Reinsurance

Ray Bowe (MSc, C Dir) – Experience in: Financial Services, IT, Management Consulting & Charity sectors

Ann B. Brady (PhD, C Dir) Experience in: Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Biotechnology.

Mary Brennan (Honours B.Comm, FCA, C.Dir, CIFD) Experience in: Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, Software and Oil and Gas

Prof Niamh Brennan (BSc, PhD, FCA, CDir) – Experience in: Financial Services, Healthcare, Education, Not-for-profits

Tom Brennan (MSc, MBA, CDir) - Experience in: Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

Ger Brickley (MCom, CDir) Experience in: FMCG, Food Industry, Strategy and Business development

Gillian Buckley (BBS CDir) – Experience in: Venture Capitalist, Impact Investor, NED across a number of companies in MedTech, ICT, Investment Funds and not-for-profit sectors

Maurice Buckley (MBA, C Dir, C Eng)  Experience in: Manufacturing, Business Development, and Public Administration

Terry Buckley (C Dir) 

Stanley Buckley (FCPA,MBA,C Dir) - Experience in : Finance, Manufacturing, Marketing, Governance, Leadership

Laura Burke (BE(Chem), MSc, C Dir) - Experience in: Environment

Mary Burke (BSc,H Dip ,CDir)

Roma Burke (MA, FSAI, C Dir) – Experience in: Financial Services, Pension Funds, Life Assurance, and Charity 

Brendan Byrne (B. Comm., FCA, C Dir) 

Dr Ciaran Byrne (Ph.d., A.C.M.A., C Dir) – Experience in: Financial Services, Public Sector Management, Environmental

Frank Byrne (BA, FCA, MIHI, CDir) – Experience in: Healthcare, Hospitality, Real Estate, Private Equity, Venture, Tech, Family Office Management and Not for Profit.

Mike Byrne (B.Sc, M.Sc (Mgt), F IoD (UK), C Dir) – Experience in: Governance & Business Strategy, Regulatory Compliance Telecoms & Postal sectors, Supply Chain standards, INED Broadcasting

Patrick Byrne (CDir) - Experienced in: Establishing and Managing Enterprises in Financial Services, Business Consulting, Software Services and Airlines.

Tom Byrne (FCA, Chartered FCSI, CDir) -  Retired

Roisin Cahill (BA, MSc, MBA, CDir) – Experience in: IT Managed Services, Software, Charity

Loretto Callaghan (MSc, DipM, CDir) – Experience in: Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Cell and Gene Therapies, Healthcare Systems

Paul Candon (MSc, FCIPD, CDir)- Experience in: Retail, FMCG, Supply Chain Management, Franchising, Healthcare

Sean Casey (FSIA, FIA, CDir, Dip Corp Gov) – Life Assurance, General Insurance and Reinsurance

Carol Ann Casey (MBS, FCIPD, C.Dir) - Experience in: Professional Services, Regulatory/State, NGO, SME, Retail, Management Consulting

Shane Clarke (BBS,FCMA,GCMA,MBS,CDir) - Experience in: Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Oil Refining, Tourism

Daire Coffey (CDir) Experience in: Marketing, Leadership Development/Coaching, Consumer Products, Education, Healthcare, Charity

Kilian Colleran (BE, MBS, CDir, C. Eng) – Experience in: Technology, Financial Services, Telecommunications, and Manufacturing

John Collins (CDir) – Change Management for Start-Ups/Scaling companies in Technology Software & Services

Marie Collins (CDir.  MBA) - Experiance in: Financial Services, Property, Utilities, Not For Profit

Lorna Conn (BComm, MAcc, FCA, CDir) – Experience in: Global Staffing, Renewables, Infrastructure

Cian Connaughton (MA, MPRII, CDir) - Experience in: Public Relations, Government, Energy, Telecoms, EU, Not for Profit

Aidan Conway (BBS; MBS; M Inst D; CDir) – Experience in: Healthcare; Financial Services; Credit and Business Information

Graham Conway (BA, MSc, MA, MSc, CDir) - Retail, manufacturing & distribution

Inez Cooper (CDir) – Experience in: Financial Services, Management Consultancy and Sports

Marian Corcoran (BSc (Biotechnology), CDir, Certified Bank Director) - Experience in: Banking, Strategy, Technology and Business Transformation (cross-industry)

Bernadette Costello (B.Comm,H.D.E,FCA, CDir) – Experience in: Governance, Risk Management, Finance, Education, Healthcare, Public Sector

Barbara Cotter (BCL, Dip Eur Law, Solicitor, CDir) - Experience in: Law (Banking & Financial, Corporate), Non-Executive and Advisor

Elaine Coughlan (FCA, CDir) 

Alan Cox (C Dir) – Experience in: Business Transformation, Building High-Performance Cultures and How Marketing Drives Profit Growth

Bernie Coyne (BA hons, HDip. ED, CIM DIP, C Dir) Experience in: Marketing Research

Sylvia Cronin (MBA, C Dir, CEDR) – Financial Services

Andy Crowley ( BA, BAI, MSc, MBA, CEng, CDir ) - Experience in: Manufacturing Operations, Pharmaceuticals, Change Management, Operational Excellence, Leaning Business Systems

Kieran J. Crowley (BA, FCA, CDir) – Experience in: Consulting, Information Systems, Risk and Finance, and as a NED

Michael Culligan (BSc., MBA, C Dir) - Experience in: Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Fundraising

Aengus Cummins (ACII, C Dip A.F. C Dir) - Experience in: Insurance, Reinsurance, Financial Services, Governance, Risk, Outsourcing

Joe Cunniam (C Dir) 

Andrew Curtin (MA, C Dir) - Experience in Financial Services and Economic Development

Dónall Curtin (FCPA, MCI Arb, FPQ(ROI), FCCA, C.Dir) - Experience in: Financial Strategy, Governance, Fund Management, Commercial Sector

Seamus Daly (MBA) - Experienced Director – Hospitality, Acquisitions and Disposals 

Gabriel D'Arcy (MSc., MBA, C Dir ) - Experience in: Infrastructure Investment , Renewable Energy, International Food Marketing

Liam Daniel (BComm, FCA, C Dir) – Experience in Finance, Governance, Pharmaceuticals, Pensions

Nicholas Davies (ICAEW, C Dir) - Experience in: Auditing and Accounting, Strategic Business Consulting, Risk Management, Financial Services, Health, Leadership Training and Development

Mark Dawson (BComm, C Dir) - Experience in: Wealth Manager, Stockbroker

Joseph Dempsey (BA (Mod), FCA, CDir) – Experience in: Banking and Financial Services

Keith Dignam (BComm, MBS, FCMA, C Dir) 

Aisling Dodgson (MBS Finance, C Dir, Certified Bank Director) – Experience in: Financial Services

Ann Doherty (MBA, C Dir), Experience in: Healthcare, Local Government, Charity

Aidan Donnelly (BSc, MIE, MBA, C Dir) - Experience in: Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Energy, Technology

Sharon Donnery (BA, MA, C Dir) - Experience in: Financial Services, Public Sector, Governance and Risk Management, Charity

Helen Dooley (LL.B., Solicitor, C Dir) 

Michael Doorly (BComm, FCA, C Dir) – Experience in: Finance, Publishing

Paul Dowling (C Dir CEng MIEI BSc (Eng) MBA) Experience in: Investing, Energy and Hotel

Thomas Dowling (C Dir) - Experience in: CEO level Public Sector, Chair and INED Charity Sector, HR training and Relationship Management public and private sectors

Alan Downey (FCCA, MBA, C Dir) - Experience in: FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Nutrition and Not for Profit

Alan Duffy (BA, BBS, MIB, MBA, C Dir) 

Ian Duffy (BA BAI, CDir) - Experience in: Financial Services, Tech and FinTech, International Markets

Gerry Egan (MSc, C Dir) – Experience in: Corporate Governance (public, private, non-profit), Strategy and Change Management, GDPR support

Paula Egan (CDir, MBA, BABS (Hons)) – Experience in: Outsource Solutions – Accountancy, Finance and Payroll, Charity

Dermot Fahy (BComm, CDir) – Experience in: FMCG, Consumer products, Electronics, Hardware and Healthcare

Pat Farrell (Dip in A&F(ACCA), C Dir) – Experience in: Strategic Communications, Financial Services and Healthcare

Mark Fegan (FCCA, CDir) – Experience in Manufacturing, FMCG, Public Sector and Distribution

Sharon Feeney (C Dir, Ed.D, MSc, BSc) – Experience in: Higher Education, Not for profit, Charity

Éilish Finan (BA, BAI, FCA, Dip Corp Gov, C.Dir, Certified Bank Director) Experience in: Financial Services, Banking, Insurance, Property & Charity 

Ray Finnegan (ACMA, CPIM, BA, MSc, C Dir) 

Celine Fitzgerald (C Dir)

Stephen Fitzgerald (MBA, C Dir) – Experience in: Retail, Business Turnaround

Alan Flanagan (FCA, C Dir) – Experience in: Financial Services, Alternative Investment Funds (Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Real Estate, Private Credit)

Fiona Flannery (MSc, C. Dir, C.Dip A&F, BA) – Experience in: Financial Services & Charity

Marcella Flood (Bsc, C.Dip A&F, MBA, CDir) – Experience in: Technology, Change Management, Financial Services, Charity

Annette Flynn (B. Comm., FCCA, CDir) – Experience in Pharmaceutical and Food

Jim Frawley (BAAF, CSCP, FCCA, CDir) – Experience in: Management Consulting, FMCG, Life Sciences, Governance

Brendan Fuller ((BA, MSc, CDir) – Experience in: Financial Services, Airline Operations, IT Implementation, Change Management

David Gallagher (B.Agr.Sc, MBS, CDir) – Experience in: International Pharmaceutical and Biotech Executive experience

Don Gallagher (MSc(Mgmt), CDir ) - Experience in: Life Insurance, Health Insurance, International Business

Anita Geoghegan (Ph.D., MBA, CDir) - Experience in: Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Food, Family Business

James Geraghty (B.S.c (Hons) Biochem, B.S.c (Hons) Pharm, M.P.S.I., M.R.Pharm.S, ChD DIR, M.S.c) - Experiance in: Leadership, Executive Management

Geraldine Gibson-Dautun (MA, MBA, C Dir) – Experience in: Financial Services, Capital Markets, FinTech and Software

Eileen Gleeson (C Dir) 

Dermot Gorman (FCII, C Dir) - Experience in: Insurance , Financial Services, and State Boards

Stephen Gunning (BComm, FCA, C Dir) – Experiance in: Financial Services, Insurance, Private Equity

Helene Graham (MScEE, C Dir) – Experience in: Telecommunication, Education, Research, Retail

Joanne Grant (CDir, F IoD) – Experience in: Media, Sales & Marketing, Drinks Industry, Charity

Bernie Gray (B.Sc.Public Admin., CPA, CDir) - Experience in: Governance , Strategy, HR and Business Coaching

Frank Greene (CDir, LIB, QFA, & APA) 

Adam Grennan (MSc, CDir) – Experience in: ICT, Marine Industry.

Carol Grennan (MSc, CDir) - Experience in: Media, Telecommunications and Charity

David Guest (CDir) - Experience in: Banking,Treasury, Insurance

Catherine Guy (BL, CDir) – Experience in: Law, Commercial Development, Finance, Public Sector, Business Leadership, Charity

Francis Hackett (BCL, Solicitor Law Society of Ireland, Barrister-at-Law South Australia, C Dir, Accredited Mediator CEDR) - Experience in: Corporate and Commercial Law, General Counsel, Mediation

Michael Hand (BE, MBA, PhD(hc), CEng, C Dir) - Experience in: Construction, Infrastructure, Sport, Charity

Conor Hanley (PhD, MBA, C Dir) 

Deirdre Hannigan (MBS, FCCA, C Dir) - Experiance in: Financial Services

Niall Harrington (BComm, C Dir) – Experience in: Financial Services (Funds, Life, MiFID Investment Firms)

Andrew Stewart Hastings (B.Admin, Chartered Banker, C. Dir, Certified Bank Director) - Experiance in: Financial Services, Energy Utility

David Healy (ACII, BA (Hons), C Dir) 

John Healy (BSc, FCIS, C Dir, Dip Corp Gov,) - Experience in: Corporate Governance (public, private, non-profit), Energy sector, Information Technology & Health Care

Paul Henderson (BA, MMI Grad, Chartered Director IOD) - CEO of DMG media Ireland and creator of,

John Hennessy (M Sc, C Dir) - Experiance in: Engineering, Telecommunications, Education and Charity

John M Hennessy (SC, BA (Mod), FCA, FCI Arb, Accredited Mediator, C Dir) 

Karen Hennessy (B.Comm, FCA, MBA, C Dir) 

David Holohan (BCOMM, MBA, APA, C Dir, M.Inst.D, CMgr FCMI, Chartered FCSI) 

Ronan Holahan (BComm., FCA, CDir) – Experience in: Financial Services, Credit Risk, Change Management, Charities

Nancy Holland (C Dir) - Experiance in: Retailing, Property and Charity

Alan Holmes (B Comm, FCA, QFA, APA, C Dir) 

Brid Horan (C Dir, FIOD, ASAI, FIIPM). Experienced in: Executive and Non Executive roles

Michael Horgan (BSc CompSci, MA, MIE, C Dir) - Experience in: Education, Fintech (Regulated Payments Institutions), Public Bodies, Health, Charity.

Hilary Hough (C Dir) 

Michael Howard (BCL, PDA, FCA, CDir) - Experience in: Aviation, Financial Services, Retail, Food and Drink.

Miriam Hughes ( B Comm,MBS, C Dir) - Experiance in: INED; Strategic Business Consultant, Business Transformation and Long Term Strategy; Ex CEO of Integrated Communications Business

Peter Hughes (FCCA, C Dir) - Experience in :Insurance (life and non-life), treasury and life settlements  

Diarmuid Hyde (BBS, DPA, FCA, C Dir) – Experience in: Aviation Financial Services

Ian Ireland (B.Sc. MBA, C Dir) – Experience in: Food and Agri Business

Stephen Jacobs (BBS, FCA, C Dir) – Experience in: Financial Services, Investment Funds, Cybersecurity

Joan Jennings (B Comm, HDip Quality Asss, CDir) - Experience in: Manufacturing, Financial and Charity Areas 

David Jones (C.Dir) - Experience in: Retail, Retail Franchising

Conor Jones (BE (Chem), C Dir) – Experience in: Waste Management, Waste to Energy, Infrastructure & Project Development

Elizabeth Joyce (MBS, FCIPD, CDir) HR Director - Experience in: Regulation, Financial Services, FMCG, Infrastructure, Public Service and Charity

Holly Kaczmarczyk (C Dir) - Experience in: Financial Services, Coaching, Mentoring and Leadership Development.

Helen A. Keelan (B.Comm; MSc; FCA, C Dir) - Experience in: Banking; Insurance; Professional Services: Investment: Technology

Derek Kehoe (B.A(Hons) Econ, C.Dir) – Experience in Financial Services

James R Kehoe (Actuary FIA C Dir) -  Experience as INED within Financial Services Sector. Life Assurance and Pension Funds.

Ann Kelleher (BCL, MSc (Business Administration), C Dir) – Financial Services, Insurance

Paula Kelleher (BCL, C Dir) – Experience in: Financial services (incl Blockchain), Legal services

Professor Cathal Kelly (FRCSI, MCh, EMBA, CDir) 

Eugene Kelly (BA, BAI, MSc, CEng, MIEI, CDir, MInst, FConsEI) – Experience in: Built Environment (infrastructure  & building planning & construction)

Geraldine Kelly (CDir, Certified Bank Director ) – Experience in: Technology, Clean Tech, Energy, Financial Services

Helen Kelly (ACIB, BSc, CDir) – Experience in: Banking and Financial Services, Charity

John M Kelly (B Comm, FCA, AITI, CDir) – Experience in: Pharmaceuticals, Global Supply Chains, Business Transformation

Kieran Kelly (MSc, FCA, CDir) – Experience in: Financial Services, Infrastructure, Transportation and Charity

Ray Kelly (Bcomm. MBA, CDir.) - Experience in: Retail Marketing

Brendan Kenny (BComm, MBS, FCIPD, CDir) 

Paul Kenny (BComm, AMCT, FCA, CDir) - Experience in: Finance, Utilities, FMCG and Energy

Aaron Keogh (Bsc, MSc, APA, CDir) – Experience in: Customer Experience and Marketing, Customer Propositions, Healthcare, Financial Services and Business Transformation 

Professor Daire Keogh ( CDir) 

Turlough Kinane (FCMA,CGMA  MSc. CDir) – Experience in: Building Services, Facilities, FMCG, Engineering

David Kirrane (FCCA, CDir) Chartered Certified Accountant – Experience in: Civil Engineering, Construction and Media Sectors

Michael Lacey (MSc, CFP, FIIPM, SIA, PTP, CDir) – Experience in: Financial Services and Credit Union

Mary Lally (PhD, MPA, BA, CDir) – Experience in: Governance, Maritime, Public and Charity Sectors.

Des Lamont (FPMII, CDir) – Experience in: Investment Advisory, Charity Governance

Donal Lawlor (CDir) – Experience in Finance, IT, Change Management & Leadership.

Debbie Lee (BA, MBS, CDir) - Experience in: Manufacturing, Packaging

Brian Lehane (BA, FCA, C Dir) 

Micheál Lehane (PhD, MBA, C Dir) – Experience in: Public Sector, Governance, Risk Management, Environment

Michael Loftus (B.Sc(Eng), MBA, CDir) - Experience in: Lifesciences, Manufacturing and Strategy

Derek Lowry (C DIR, QFA, Dip Corp Fin) – Experience in: Financial Services, FMCG, Construction and Retail

Margot Lyons (BBS Finance, C. Dir) -  Experience in: Financial Services, Treasury, Risk Management & Risk Culture and NGOs

Iain MacDonald (B.A. (Econ) C Dir) – Experience in: Entrepreneurship, Technology, Advisory

Keith MacDonald (B.Comm, FCA, C Dir) Experience in: Finance, Life Sciences & Software

Stephen Mackarel (BComm, CDir) - Experience in: Telecoms, Retail, Mobility, Technology,  Financial services, Business Process Outsourcing, Energy, Oil.

John Malone (FCMA, M.Sc(Mgmt.),MMII (Grad.), C.Dir) – Experience in Tech and FMCG. Independent Non-Executive Director

Laura Magahy (C Dir).

Alan Markey (MBA, C Dir) - Experiance in: Pharmaceuticals and Med Tech.

Mary L. Martin (Ph.D, C Dir) – Experience in: Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Cell & Gene Therapy

Jane Massy (BA Hons, C Dir) - Experience in: Education, Training, Health and Social Care, Hospitality, International Development, EU RTD project management and evaluation

Fergal McAleavey (PhD, CDir) – Experience in: Technology, Investment, Venture Capital, Private Equity, Scaling companies

John Fergus McArdle (FCCA, C Dir) - Experiance in: Sales and Marketing

Brendan McCarthy (FCCA, DipAdvMgtBEC, C Dir) – Experience in:  Financial Services, insurance and investment in particular

Paschal McCarthy (B.Sc., MBA, C Dir) - Experience in: Pharmaceutical & Manufacturing

Ken McCauley (BA, ACMA, MBA, C Dir) 

Teresa McColgan (FCCA, CTA, C Dir) 

Martin McCormack (CDir, BSS, MA, FICS) – Experience in: Governance, Leadership, Healthcare, Education, Technology, Finance and Charity.

Brian McCormick (BE, MBA, C Dir) - Experience in: Distribution; Financial Services, Construction

David McGarry (B.Comm, MBA, FCA, C Dir) - Experience in: Energy, Infrastructure, Transportation, Manufacturing, Services, Investment Banking.

Ciaran McGettrick (FCCA, C Dir) – Experience in: Insurance sector

Aebhric Mc Gibney (M. Litt (Econ), MBA, C Dir) - Experience in: Business Representation, Economic Consulting, NGOs, Transport

Kevin McGrath (ACMA, MBA, C DIR) Experience in: Information Technology

Pat McGrath (BE, MEngSc, MBA, FIEI, CEng, C Dir)

Colm McGrattan (MBS, FCIPD, C Dir)

Cliodhna McGuirk (MSc, C Dir) – Experience in: Software services, Criminal Justice, Public Secto

Padraig McLoughlin (C.Dir) - Experience in: Retail Distribution, Logistics, Lighting, NGB

Michael McLoughlin (MA, MBA: QFA: C.Dir) Experience in: Market Research; Fintech and Not for Profit Sectors

John McMahon (B.E., C.DipAF, C.Dir.) - Experience in: Aviation, Financial Services, Start-ups

Peter McManamon (BBS, FCPA, C Dir) 

Sylvia McNeece (LLB, LLM, Solicitor, MBA, C Dir) – Pensions Sector, Regulation

Tony Mc Poland (BBS, DPA, FCA, CDir) - Experience in: Financial Services, Real Estate & Property, Investment Funds, Charities & Advisory Work

Dr Terry McWade (MB, BCh, MSc, MBA, Dip Corp Gov, C Dir) -Experience in: Healthcare, Lifescience, Education, Finance, Charity

John A. Melvin (BE, MEngSc, MBA, CDir) - Experience in: Independent Consultant, Healthcare, Engineering, Energy (Efficiency)

Jim Miley (B Agr Sc; C Dir) - Experience in: Higher Education; International Development; Media

Liam Miley  (FCCA, C Dir) - Financial Services

Alan Mitchell (FCPA, C Dir) – Experience in: Food Sector

Conor Molloy (C DIR, CIFD, BCOMM, FCCA, FCPA, SIRM, LIB, CAMS) - Experience in : Asset Management, Banking, Insurance, Aircraft Finance & IT Governance, Strategy, Risk Management, Financial Reporting and Regulatory Compliance

Maura Moore (BSc, MBA, CDir) – Experience in: Financial Services, VC/PE, Professional Services, Telecoms/ICT, Healthcare/Medtech, Universities and Social/Affordable Housing

Christine Moran (FCA, C Dir, Certified Bank Director and Certified investment Fund Director) – Experience in: Financial Services

Tom Moran (MA HDE C Dir) ( Former Secretary General Agriculture Food and the Marine) -  Experience in: Government, Governance, Food and Agriculture, Senior Recruitment and Management

Paul Morgan (FCCA, MSc, CDir) - Experience in: Property, Hospitality, Manufacturing & Ecommerce

John Moriarty (BA, FCA, MCT, C Dir) 

Alan Morris (FCA, C Dir, MA) – Experience in: Property; Financial Services; Manufacturing; Hospitality & Leisure; Professional Services; Outsourced Services; Charity

Frank Mulrennan (MSc (Mgmt Pract); C Dir) – Experience in: Management, Media, Digital Marketing.

Paul Mulvaney (Dip Eng, BSc (Eng), C Dip AF, MIEI, C Dir, F IoD(UK)) Experience in: Engineering, Energy, E-mobility, Innovation, VC, Telecoms, Negotiations, Project Management, Safety

Martin Murphy (BA, BSc, Sc, C Dir) – Experience in: Stadium Business, Sports Business, Military

Rhona Murphy (MA, C Dir) - Experience in: Media Management, Digital Transformation, For-profit and Non- profit Journalism

Redmond Murphy (BSc, MSc, FIA, CFA, C Dir) - Experience in: Financial Services, Insurance, Banking

Ed Murray ( BA, QFA, C Dir) Experience in: Capital Markets/Financial Services, Logistics and Property Development

Niall Murray (B.Comm, MBS, C.Dir, Dip Exec C) - Experiance in: Financial Services, Executive Leadership

Kevin Neary (C. Dir, M Phil) – Experience in: Retail, SaaS, Property Development, Property Letting, Animal Nutrition, Technology, Shop-fitting, Sports and Fitness Industry

Kevin O’Brien (B.Com FCA C Dir) - Experience in: Financial Services – Insurance, Asset Management & Funds

Tony O’Brien MSc (Mgmt) , C. Dir , M. Inst.D,

John O’Callaghan (FCA (IRL), CA (AUS), C Dir) – Experience in: International Business, Retail, Media, Professional Services and Not for Profit

Peter O’Carroll (BE, MBA, C Dir)

Raymond O'Connell (C Dir) – Experience in: Tourism, Retail, Senior Management Mentoring, Company Strategic Change

John P. O’Connor (BComm, MSc, FCMA, C Dir) 

Kevin O’Doherty (MBS, FCA, C Dir) – Experience in: Financial Services (Fund Management, Investment Services, Regulatory Compliance)

Aidan O’Donnell (BA, MA, MBA, FSAI, C Dir) - Experience in: Financial Services - Life & Pensions, General Insurance, Health Insurance, Banking

Breege O’Donoghue (C Dir, B Comm, CIPD, DPhil (honoris causa), Chevalier de la Legion d’Honneur) 

Brendan O’Donoghue (C Dir) 

Mary O’Donovan (B. E (Elec), Dip Applied Computing, M. B. A C. Dir) – Experience in: Telecommunications, BPO Outsourcing, Public Sector, Voluntary/Charity            

Michael O’Donovan (BA, MBA, C.dipAF, C.Dir) - Experience in: Technology, SAAS, FinTech Sectors.  INED Charity & Not For Profit Sectors

Ray O'Driscoll (CPA, MBA, CDir) - Experience in: Oil & Gas, ICT, FMCG, Commercial Property and Aviation

John O’Dwyer ( C Dir ) 

Paul O’Faherty (FSAI, C Dir) 

Martin O'Halloran (C Dir) 

Anne O’Leary (C Dir) - Experience in: B2C, B2B, Marketing, Technology, Digital, Telecommunications, Charity

Paul O'Leary (FCPA, PrDipBusExecC, C Dir) - Experience in: Financial Services, Management Consulting and Executive Coaching

Jim O'Mahoney (FCII, C Dir) 

Joe O'Mahony (BSc(Eng), MEngSc, FIEI, CEng, CDir) 

Pat O'Mahony (MVB, MVM, MBA, MRCVS, C Dir) – Experience in:  Lifesciences, clinical research, regulation

Julie O'Neill (BSc (Pharm), MBA, C Dir) - Experience in: Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, State Boards

Finbarr O'Neill (BAgrSc Econ, C Dir) 

John O'Reilly (B.Comm. FCA, C Dir) – Experience in: (Re)insurance, Insurance Linked Securities, Financial Services, Charities

Michael O’Reilly (FCCA, C Dir) – Experience in: Financial Professional, currently working in the Media & Advertising sector, Non-executive director, Charity Sector

Willie O'Reilly (BA, F Inst D, C Dir) – Experience in : Management, Media, Charity, Health Sector

Brian O’Sullivan (MBA, CDir) – Experience in: Consumer goods, scaling internationally and turnarounds

Aileen O'Toole (CDir, F MII) 

Ger Penny (FCA, CDir) – Experience in: General Finance, Strategy Development and M&A in various industries in Ireland and internationally

Cliona Pierse (B Comm (International), Solicitor, Dip Corp Law & Gov, Dip Comm Prop, C Dir) Practising Solicitor- Experience in Marine, Education, Legal Services

Gina Quin (BA, MBA, MSc, CDir) - Current role: President of National College of Ireland

Eilis Quinlan (FCCA, CDir) – Experience in: Accounting & Finance, Corporate Governance, Wholesaling, Tech sector

Rosemary Quinlan (B Comm, CDir, Certified Bank Director) - Experience in: Financial Services

Paul Quinn (BScEng, MBA, CDir) – Experience in: Public Sector, Telecommunications, Shared Services and Construction

Prof. Kevin Rafter (BA (Mod), MLitt, MA, PhD, CDir)

Denis Reeves ((BBS, FCA, CDir) - Experience in: Change Management, Strategy Implementation, Utilities and Not for Profit

Ciarán Redmond (CDir) – Experience in: Aircraft Leasing, Airline, Public Debt Markets, Renewable Energy, Software Development

Imelda Reynolds (BCL, Solicitor, Dip EU Law, Dip Corp Gov, C Dir) – Experience in: Legal and Governance

John Reynolds (BA,MBS,CDir) - Experience in: Leadership,Financial Services,Construction,Tourism,Culture

Noel Reynolds (FCCA, CDir) – Experience in: Financial Services (Banking & Capital Markets)

Billy Riordan (B.Comm, FCA, CDir) – Experience in: Brands, Retail, Distribution, Family Business

Geraldine Ruane (FCPA, CDir, MA) 

Padraig M Rushe (MBA, CDir) – Financial Services, FinTech, Charity

Gerard Ryan (CDir) - Experience in: Pharma, Medtech, Retail

Patrick Ryan ( MRICS, MSCSI, CDir ) - Experience in : Asset Management, Hospitality Property and Financial Services

Teemu Saloranta (CDir) - Experience in: World Class Manufacturing, Medical Devices, Plastics injection moulding, Tooling, Automation, Consulting and Mentoring

Davina Saint (LLB Hons, Solicitor, CDir) - Experience in: Senior General Counsel with extensive banking and financial services background. Head of Branch for BNP Paribas Securities Services.

Claire Savage (BE, MSc, CDir) – Experience in: FinTech, SaaS, Risk and Compliance, Payments

Werner Schwanberg (FIOD, CDir) – Experience in: Banking & Financial Services, Funds

Eoin Scott (BA (Econ), CDir) – Experience in: Information Technology, Aviation, Education, NonProfit

Bob Semple (BSc, FCA, FCIS, FICS, D.CorpGov, CDir) – Experience in: Governance, Board Effectiveness, Risk, IT - Family Businesses, Financial Services, Public Sector

Jim Sheerin (MBA, MSc, CDir) Experience in: Food and Pharmaceuticals

Ray Sheerin (B.A. Hons, CDir) – Worked in most sectors in Advertising & Communications; Financial Services

Damien Shelly (FCCA, MBA, CDir)

Michael Shelly (B.E., M.Sc., C.Eng., CDir) - Experience in: Engineering and Project Management (Construction)

Yvonne Shields O'Connor (MSc., MBA, CDir) - Experience in: Maritime, Development, Safety & Public Services

Tom Shipsey (B.Ag; M.Sc; CDir) - Experience in: Agri Food, Retail/Wholesale & Charity Sector

Eamonn Sinnott (B.Sc., MBA, Ph.D. (HC), CDir) – Experience in: Advanced Manufacturing, Transformational Leadership.

Fiona Slevin (CDir)

Gervaise Slowey (BBS, C Dir) - Experience in: Strategy, International Marketing, Advertising & Media; FMCG; Banking

Deirdre Smith (BA BAI, CDir)

Pat Smith ( B. Ag. Sc. C. Dip AF, C Dir ) Experience: in Agri - Business , Farming, Politics and Representation, Renewable Energy, Telecoms, Professional Services and Media

John M Smyth (FCIS, FCIB, Dip Corp Gov, F Inst D, C Dir) 

Caitriona Somers (FCII, FCILA, MSc ( Hons) CDir) - Experience in:  Financial Services, Outsourcing, Not for Profit

Ian Sparling (BComm, FCA, CDir) – Experience in: Strategy, International Business Management, Leadership and Software

Caroline Spillane (MA, CDir) – Experience in: Regulation, Communications, Strategy and Organisational Restructuring

Anthony Staines CDir PhD MB BCh BAO FFPHMI – Experience in: Academic, Health Care and Charity Sector

Daniel Stausberg (PHD, MBA, CDir) – Experiance in: Financial Services, Insurance and Reinsurance

Susan Steele (PhD, MBA, Med, CDir) - Experience in: Marine, Science, Regulatory, Public Sector

Caroline Sugrue (C Dir, Dip Pysc of Counselling, Dip Health & Safety) 

David Swanton (FSAI, C Dir) – Experience in: Financial Services

Margaret Sweeney (FCA, CDir) Experience in: Real Estate, Investments, Financial Services, Education, Aviation

Fiona Tierney (CDir) 

Paul Turpin (MA (Econ), MBA, CDir) – Experience in: Financial Services, Public Sector, Health

John Tracey (BE, MIE, CDir) – Experience in: Technology, Software

Joseph Trainer (FCMA, CGMA, CDir) – Experience in: Healthcare Medical Devices, Industry

Tom Trainor (BA, MA, MBA, Dip Corp Gov, CDir) – Experience in: Executive Leadership, Marketing, Culture, Governance, Law

Yvonne Traynor (PhD, MSc, CDipAF, CChem. FRSC, CDir) Experience in: Quality Management, Regulatory Affairs, Innovation, Food, Chemicals, Manufacturing

Eddy van Cutsem (MBA, CDir) - Experience in: Financial Services (Re/Insurance, Funds), Governance and Business Strategy

Jillian van Turnhout (CDir, IDP-C) – Experience in State Boards, Consumer Voice, Charity

Lisa Vaughan (B.Comm., MA, DipFM, CDir) – Experience in: Strategy, Organisational Change, Scaling and Leadership Coaching

Brian Walsh (B.Comm., D.P.A., FCA., CDir) – Experience in: Financial Services, Healthcare, Telecoms, FMCG, Not for Profit

Eddie Ward (B.Comm, MBS, ACIS, QFA, CDir.) - Experiance in: Independent Non-Executive Director with experience in domestic and international banking.

Padraic White (CDir) 

Paul A. White (Dip Corp Gov, CDir) - Experience in: Corporate Governance Advisory, Information Technology, State Boards, NFP, Plc

Liam Woulfe (Dip Dy SC, MSc Executive Leadership, CDir) 

Gerard Thomas Young (BA, FCIS, CDir) Experience in: Banking, Financial Services, Charity - Governance, Risk & Capital Management

Liam Young (BBS, MBA, CDir) - Experience in: Food, Telecommunications, IT, Banking