Director Training

Becoming a Chartered Director

On successful completion of the Certificate and Diploma in Company Direction, Chartered Director Programme participants may go forward for admission as a registered Chartered Director (CDir), subject to eligibility criteria. This process requires the preparation of a portfolio and an interview with the awarding body (IoD UK).

Apply to register as a Chartered Director (CDir)

Applicants for Chartered Director designation must demonstrate that they have at least three years’ experience as a director. Please see the full Eligibility Criteria for more information.

To begin the process to become a Chartered Director, applicants must submit an application form to the IoD UK at the following address:

Professional Development
Institute of Directors
116 Pall Mall
London SW1Y 5ED
Tel: +44 (0)20 7766 2602

The professional review process
Once the application form has been received and eligibility confirmed by the IoD UK, applicants will continue with the professional review process leading to becoming a Chartered Director (C Dir).

This comprises the following steps: 

Step One – Portfolio of experience
Applicants will complete a portfolio of experience, which includes a listing of their director positions and a written summary assessing their contribution to the work of the board(s) on which they sit.
The portfolio includes a record of an applicant's employment history as a director, together with certain information about the boards on which they have served, and a written self-assessment of their experience. The portfolio should explain clearly the precise position the applicant has occupied in each case.
Step Two – Interview 
Applicants will attend for interview with two peers drawn from an IoD UK panel consisting of Chartered Directors, Members and Fellows of the Institute. The purpose of the interview is to obtain further information about the applicant's experience and contribution as a director, as outlined in the portfolio of experience. 
Interviews take place by arrangement in the IoD offices in London. Interviews may take place in Dublin, on occasion. 
Please note that the Chartered Director Programme offered by the Institute of Directors in Ireland does not include the fees required for the application process for becoming a Chartered Director, which are payable to the IoD UK with the candidate’s application.
The current fee for the professional review process leading to chartered director accreditation is £720 + VAT 20%