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The Boardroom Centre

The Boardroom Centre is a dedicated and independent service which assists companies to source non-executive directors and chairpersons for their boards through a transparent process. The Boardroom Centre is a leading formal, independent source of non-executive directors and chairpersons in Ireland.

We assist client companies to source and appoint independent non-executive directors and chairpersons to their boards and we promote the benefits that such directors can bring to businesses. Our panel of available candidates is made up of some of the most experienced senior business leaders in Ireland, all of whom are members of the Institute of Directors in Ireland.

Find out more in this video below from Thora Mackey, Head of the Boardroom Centre.

Thora Mackey, Head of the IoD's non-executive director appointment service, The Boardroom Centre, discusses steps financial services companies need to take to manage board succession planning in an article here.

Finding the right non-executive director for your board

Sourcing and appointing a non-executive director or chairperson through the Boardroom Centre is very straightforward and we will guide you and your company through the process, from start to finish:

  • Once the Boardroom Centre is approached by a company seeking a non-executive director or chairperson, a meeting is arranged to discuss the specific requirements and to develop a profile of the ideal candidate, including the skill-set and experience required
  • We will produce a short-list of candidates, drawn from our highly experienced panel of business leaders, for the company's consideration
  • Introductions and meetings will be arranged between the client company and the shortlisted candidates, prior to the formal appointment of the successful director
  • The process is handled on a highly confidential basis and we can also assist with the wording of contracts and offer guidance and advice regarding non-executive directors' remuneration
  • A fee is charged to the client company by the Boardroom Centre for its services

From family businesses and SMEs, to multinationals and plcs, we work with a variety of companies to source non-executive directors and chairpersons for their boards.

We operate across a range of sectors including:

  • Financial Services and Regulated Entities
  • Retail, Wholesale and Distribution
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Services and Industries
  • Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
  • Hospitality and Leisure
  • Commercial Semi-State
  • Construction and Property
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology
  • Transport, Utilities and Energy

Contact the Boardroom Centre today

If your board could benefit from the experience and expertise that a non-executive director can offer, and if you want to ensure an independent and transparent appointment process to your board, please contact us today in complete confidence:


Thora Mackey
Head of the Boardroom Centre
+353 1 411 0010