Board Services

Evaluation – Step-by-Step

Our Board Evaluation Service is fast, reliable and objective. The process is completely confidential and is formatted in a non-complicated, easy-to-complete format, enabling your board to identify its strengths and to highlight areas for improvement. 

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Step One

  • Scope of evaluation is agreed 
  • Assessor briefs the board via the chairperson

Step Two

  • All directors complete online questionnaire
  • Board committees and individual directors may also be assessed

Step Three

  • Assessor prepares client report with findings in each area
  • Feedback with conclusions and recommendations is provided to the chairperson

Step Four

  • All directors receive a copy of the client report

Step Five

  • Assessor presents the key findings to the board

The client report covers the performance of the board. For reasons of confidentiality, it does not cover the performance of individual directors. If you choose to include an evaluation of individual directors, the chairman of the board will be provided with a separate assessment of each director, combining the director's self assessment and the assessment of the director by the chairman. It is then the responsibility of the chairman to review this with the director on a one-to-one basis as required. The performance of board committees may also be assessed, if required.