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Board Evaluation

Avail of the IoD Ireland Board Evaluation Service to learn how effectively your board is executing its roles and responsibilities.  

Through the lens of best practice governance standards and your organisation’s business context, IoD Ireland's experienced Board Assessors examine how effectively your board and board committees are operating in practice.

The service is efficient, robust, and completely confidential. It has an average completion term of just six weeks. Furthermore, the entire process can be undertaken virtually.

Context is Essential

Our approach to board assessment emphasises the importance of context in looking at board effectiveness. This includes the following key questions: what is the nature of the business?; is it regulated?; where is the business in its life-cycle?; and have any issues arisen in the last year that have challenged the board?

Why chose an IoD Ireland Board Evaluation?

  • Enhance the performance, functioning and effectiveness of your board
  • Leverage independent insights and actions
  • Embrace regulatory or governance expectations
  • Invest in your organisation’s future
  • Ensure your board composition is appropriate to your context
  • Offer assurances to stakeholders
  • Identify strengths and pinpoint weaknesses.

IoD Ireland  Board Assessors

Our team of Board Assessors include Chartered Directors and/or governance specialists - Dr Margaret Cullen, Carol Bolger CDir, Marie Collins CDir and Clare Duignan.

Our team of Assessors have worked across sectors as diverse as telecoms, financial services, hospitality, property, healthcare, communications, construction, energy, and education.

More Information

For more information, download the IoD Ireland Board Evaluation Service Brochure below. This brochure includes more detail on the following areas: our approach; what’s evaluated; the step by step process; the menu of services; the expected outcomes; and the IoD Ireland Board Evaluation team.

Download the Board Evaluation Brochure

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